Deciding to work for yourself is often cited as the best decision folks in our community have made. Hearing the same response over and over led us to ask them about the next best decision folks have made and we’ve shared their responses with you below.

Marcus Manderson | Music producer and music composer.

Marrying my wife. 🙂 Marrying someone who is very supportive of my business and music. Someone willing to tell me when something I make or a business decision isn’t right. It also helps that she’s a travel agent. She knows where to find the best flight and hotel deals (if anyone needs a travel agent, let me know 🙂). I couldn’t imagine how difficult things would be without having the support of her and my family in my music and business efforts. Read more>>

JaeEss | Producer, Engineer, & Artist

When I first moved in with my current roommates we all felt like we were starting a new chapter of my lives. They asked me to name this new chapter, and without hesitating I chose to title it, “Living on My Own Terms”. This phrase meant a lot to me because I spent a lot of my life working to meet other people’s expectations, but around that time I made the decision to make my desires and goals my priority and to begin living I life that I could be proud of. That decision gave me the motivation to really push myself in music, and it continues to pay off as I make more progress in my journey. Read more>>

Michelle Shepherd | Lover of Locs and all things Natural

The most important decision I ever made was to let myself be in the moment. Especially the happy ones. I bring myself back to the “now” when I start dreaming of the next step. The key is to hold on to it until the next phase reveals itself, listen to your inner creative and let it guide you. Read more>>

Beatrice Levatte | E-commerce website

The ability to be able to say no without feeling guilty. Also, changing my surroundings and surrounding myself with people on my same path or a similar one. Read more>>

Akoya Johnson | Private Chef Model & Post-Op Care Specialist

I would definitely have to say that putting God first in any & everything I plan to do going forward. Right that would be keeping my eyes on my own plate. Read more>>

Traci Augustine | R&B Singer and Songwriter

I am currently based in Atlanta, Georgia. My original hometown is Clarksville, Tennessee. The most important decision that has contributed to my success is moving away from my hometown. Even though, leaving my hometown has led to many opportunities for my career, leaving my family behind was a difficult choice. I am a family person, I have always been around my family. The decision that I made was the best decision. The decision forced me into surviving on my own and bettering myself. Read more>>

Mone’t Jean | Fashion Stylist

God! Simply put like that. Upon me starting my entrepreneurial journey I tried to control EVERYTHING in my life and I soon realized I couldn’t do this with my business. I have since then decided to trust God’s process for my business. My business is not where I would like it to be but I know for sure my time is coming. Read more>>

Zipporah Banyay | Social media marketing strategist and Coach

I would have to say, making the decision to expand my business by investing in my development personally and professionally. At a certain point even though I was having success in my business and had managed to get back to being a full-time Entrepreneur I knew that I would have to learn from others who had already been where I was wanting to go to be of more service for other wellness coaches. I did this by getting high level coaching from seven figure mentors with a similar vision as my brand. Read more>>

Quan Jenkins | CEO, Founder of Eunoia Soul, LLC

I love this question. Other than deciding to work for myself, the single most important decision I made that is contributing to my success is betting on myself. Self acceptance, self cherish, self love, holding myself accountable and facing fears all equates to self care. Getting ride of self doubt sums it all up. Read more>>

Alana Brown | Poet and Artist

I’ve had to sit on this question for a bit because as an artist and creative, we often hid ourselves or lock ourselves into our craft but the most important decision I made that has contributed to my success was stepping out on faith. My craft is so sacred to me so sharing my creative pieces with the world is showing vulnerable sides of me that no one really get to experience. However, being vulnerable with the people who support me has ultimately made me successful. Sharing those experiences and loving on those who love me is what I cherish most for my craft. Read more>>