Never give up. It’s advice that is thrown around daily – but is it always right? We asked some folks we admire about their thoughts around how to know when to give up and when to keep trying

Alexis Brianna Gatson | Women’s Life Coach & Christian Counselor

Whenever I ask myself should I keep going or give up I always consider the bigger picture. I’ve realized that what I’m doing is bigger than me and if I give up it’ll hinder people’s lives from being transformed. I believe it’s important to keep purpose at the forefront of our mind because when we’re outside of purpose we will always feel unfulfilled. Being aware of my purpose gives me an innate drive to keep going. Read more>>

Tanesia Alexander | Boutique owner & Accountant

I have had this passion for a very long time, so I know that this was meant for me. I always see into the future, imagining me and my business flourishing and successful. I always tell myself “This is just part of the process. Every blessing but also setback is all apart of the process.” Reminding myself this is all I need to regroup, refocus, and think about the bigger picture. Read more>>

Nadia Butterfield | Actress & Model

You have to push through the fear of the unknown. Always have faith that your current circumstances will not last forever. I have had many days where that little voice inside of my head tried to rule me and for a long time, it did. But I am so glad I never gave up on myself because I am finally understanding just how infinite my potential is. Deep down, I think I knew all along… and that’s how I knew to keep going. Read more>>

Ashley Walker | Professional Dancer

I definitely would say dancing is one thing I could not live without. Everyone has that what if mentality at some point but my thing is, I have stopped dancing before. One of my biggest regrets but I had to stop because I would not be here now with the mindset of “this is it, this is my safe place”. Nothing compares to how dancing expresses what my heart feels, so this why I do not give up. The journey isn’t easy but easy doesn’t make it fun. Read more>>

Cortland The Great | Makeup Artist, Public Relations and Female Promoter

It’s simple. How bad do you want it? For me, I see a life for myself that might take a birds view to actually get the picture but I know that consistency breeds results. Each day I’m consistent to keep going, I increase the percentage of everything paying off. The day I give up, is the day I stopped. I want to be successful and great too bad to let anything deter me from the end goal. You have to dig deep and find your why! Read more>>

kelly grimshaw | photographer

I’m the type of person who refuses to give up. .I’ve been a photographer for 10 years. Only four years professional, which have been a constant roller coaster of highs and lows. There are some days I wanna give up and some days I can’t wait to photograph my next session. There were times when I would compare my work to other photographers work and wanted to just give up. I got to the point that I was questioning myself if I made the right decision quitting my corporate HR job to follow my dream as a photographer. Read more>>

Sakeena Trice | Co-Founder of ASKLupus & Attorney

They say the storm comes right before the blessings. So, although things may get crazy and you may want to give up, it is important to keep going. If you have a passion for something and it is truly something you want to do, you never give up. But once you lose passion, interest, and confidence in something, it may be time to pivot and reevaluate things. Read more>>

Kween Qui | Hairstylist

Well, giving up isn’t an option for me. I have had a lot of obstacles in the way, but I haven’t gave up. I have a daughter and family depending on me! My support team is amazing!!! I encourage people to believe in their selves and pray for anything they really want. Also I want better for myself as well! Read more>>

JD Farrell | Music Producer & DJ

The answer is never give up, but there’s a bit of grey area to consider. For instance, in life, whether it be work, social, etc., it’s important to identify early and often the habits you should not indulge in, and the potential opportunities you’re wasting your time making attempts at. Read more>>

Keiana LaShae’ | Beauty & Fashion Influencer

My favorite bible verse is Ecclesiastes 3:11… It’s says, “He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.” Read more>>