Never give up. It’s advice that is thrown around daily – but is it always right? We asked some folks we admire about their thoughts around how to know when to give up and when to keep trying

J. Damon Wood | Ideator, Creator, Professor.

I heard a phrase recently that really made me think about my career and the life that surrounds it: “Sometimes you have to move the goalposts.” None of us likes to think of ourselves as “quitters.” Our mindset is aligned with Churchill’s “Don’t quit. Never quit. Never, never quit.” But in my case I’ve had to admit to quitting from time to time. I’ve quit projects, relationships both personal and professional, creative pursuits and, yes, on occasion I have quit striving for a specific success. Read more>>

Landon DeVon | Intuitive Reader, Reiki Master, Songwriter, Recording Artist

Never give up. – and I only mean that in that in terms of not practicing insanity. (Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result) I found that over time things work and things don’t, and that’s ok. It’s really important to know your audience. Some things, ways, strategies won’t function the same in certain spaces because people are different everywhere. Overtime your connectivity with your art and its expression has to be an intuitive experience to make it matter, or stick, or worth while. Truly if you give up did you really want it to begin with? Did you evolve in your art? Do you love it? – is what that ultimately comes down to! Read more>>

Justice Morant | Custom Croc Designer and Croc Charm Seller

Being 17 with a full time running business is hard, I am a student in high school and a varsity cheerleader . After being shadow-banned for 4 months on instagram people were unable to see my content, I lost 400 followers and was not getting enough sales. At that point , I wanted to give up I felt as if the high of running a business was over and it was no point for me to keep going. I later realized that Instagram shall not and will not determine my strive to be successful I spent endless nights making my custom process better and working to bring the followers and interactions back to my page. Read more>>

LaTaja Acree | Entrepreneur & Wig Construction Stylist

In order for one to know whether to keep going or to give up, I personal believe in signs and wonders. I started hair school in 2007 and was a college dropout by 2008. I got pregnant, my passion for hair slowly died because I was comparing my work and progress to others. Truthful I didn’t see the hair industry as an industry that I can retire from. Looking at the industry now, it’s definitely more than one way to get a bag. I’ve learned to seek God and trust him to provide for me. He’s given me a gift that is always evolving and can bare fruit with the proper foundation. Every time I wanted to give up on my business God would send me customers or client to support my business. Read more>>

Vince Thomas | Photographer, Entrepreneur, Model, Artist, Healthcare worker,

Giving up is always the easiest and last decision you’ll ever make. Nothing more can come from giving up, you’ve closed the door to the list of endless possibilities. My mom ingrained into my mind early that today may not be the day you win, but if you give up now, what if tomorrow you would have won? I know when to keep going when i still have more to give, when i know theres another angle, approach or strategy i still have yet to try. I don’t define myself by my losses, i study them and learn from every last of them, that way when the time comes again to attack, strive and prosper, not only now will i know what not to do, but ill also have that second burst of energy to achieve virtually anything i set my mind to. Read more>>

Tiana Grant | Lash Artist

First I would never say give up on your dreams and the things you aspire to be or do in life. Yes some times things don’t work out in your favor but that does not mean give up. I’m an new lash artist in a world full of lash artist that are more advanced than me. It can be discouraging at times when your work does not look the best or your not getting as many clients but one thing you have to remember is that your new to an industry you probably never been in before and it may take some time to get to where you want to be. Read more>>

Gianni Orisawayi | Fragrance Lover

There are days where you’ll have simple things such as reposts/shares or even random messages from people giving you positive feedback about your product/business. These types of things, especially on your bad days, will remind you that you’re on the right path. Read more>>

Solomon Bazuaye, Jr. | Educator & Podcaster

This is a great question! For me, I take everything to the altar and pray about it. I like to seek wise counsel as well. Just because something gets difficult doesn’t mean that it’s not meant to be or it won’t happen. It could just mean that the breakthrough is on the other side of the difficulty. Read more>>

Adrienne Singleton | Jewelry Designer & Founder/Instructor of The School of Rock Paper Scissors

Whew this is a great question. I would have to sum it up with, knowing and remembering your why. My why begins with the gifts I have been given by The creator, God. Gifts are given to us to be given to others. I use my gifts to create jewelry, accessories and other quality products with my hands, that make people feel good about themselves and who they naturally are. I encourage my clients to be their unique selves and my pieces serve as a reminder to do so. Read more>>