We asked some of the brightest folks in the community to open up to us about the most important lesson their business or career has taught them. We’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Ivey Stovall | Makeup Artist

The most important lesson I have learned in my career so far is to always stay true to yourself. Their are so many makeup artist out there you have to stand out and know that you may not get every job but you know you stayed true to yourself and your values. Read more>>

Latonya Hopkins | Professional interior Stylist

That no matter what to keep going! There will be days you make $100 and days where you make non but, through it all continue to market your business, stay focused & most important stay consistent. Read more>>

Thackery Harris | Photographer and Drummer

Not to be afraid of stepping out of a comfort zone. It taught me to understand that even in novelty and learning……there can be flashes of brilliance. Read more>>

Jalen Foy | Author, Artist, and Jeweler

The most important lesson I learned is to battle through uncomfortableness. The only time i actually noticed growth was in moments i felt uncomfortable. I think one of the most limiting factor is avoiding discomfort. Growth thrives on challenges and repetition. If you can master discomfort, you can master just about anything. Read more>>

Iyanna Eady | Brand Specialist & CEO of KasinoGFX

Being A Graphic Designer & Content Creator Has Taught Me How To Deal With Different Peronalities & Creative Visions . My Wide Variety Of Clients Help Me To Expand My Mind Into Different Realms Of Creativity . Being A Business Owner For 5+ Years Brought Me Out Of My Inner Shell , Now Im More Open To Meeting New People , Experiencing New Things & Taking Risks . I Enjoy Working Hands On With My Client & Providing Them With The Best Creative Experience There Is ! Read more>>

Tatiana Small | Atlanta Braider

Patience . In order to have a business you have to have patience and time . When you learn that the business that you’re running is your passion , it makes it somewhat easier because then you look at everything from a different perspective and you start making certain sacrifices for your business . Once i started to do that , it made me look at things from a different perspective . You start to see yourself putting your business first , giving your passion all the time & effort . My business has taught me so much between patience , different business financing , and that not everything happens in the snap of a finger , it takes time & lots of effort . Read more>>

Chad Pollard | Music Producer

No matter what. Don’t mix business with friendship. Business is business. Read more>>

Britney Drake | Painter and Instructor

The most important lesson having a business has taught me is that, we are cable of accomplishing anything. I’ve learn to think of solutions instead of the issues, keep moving forward , and turn failures into opportunities. Read more>>

Oluwayemisi Bakre | Passionate Technologist & Digital Workplace Provider

You never know what opportunities are missed when you’re not vulnerable. Read more>>