We’ve been fortunate to connect with so many brilliant, thoughtful entrepreneurs and creatives and we regularly ask them about the most important lessons they’ve learned over the course of their careers. We’ve shared some highlights below.

Nandita Bhagwandin | Small business owner and full-time college student

For me personally, my business has taught me how to be patient and communicate. Being strictly online, it was a lot harder to reach out to people and grow my brand. Getting only one or two orders a month was considered a lot for me, and still is, but it was very discouraging. I just kept a positive mindset about getting more orders by consistently posting on Instagram or introducing some of my friends to my brand. Luckily, I was able to attend pop-up shops in person when conditioned allowed. Seeing people interested in natural lip and some skin care and actually try and love my products is such a rewarding experience. I have fallen so in love with the concept of physically talking to complete strangers about my brand and why it’s worth a try! Read more>>

Tiffany Webb | Certified Event Professional

The most important lesson I learned as a business owner or entrepreneur is that it’s a process and journey to a successful business. There’s not one way for all and you have to do the work, be persistent and trust the process! Read more>>

Mirina Garoufalidis | Designer & Artist

Before last year, before I decided to start a business, I thought owning a business was impossible. I thought so many things were impossible. I thought I didn’t have power, I thought I couldn’t create change, I thought my creative talents weren’t valuable. But deciding to go out and get what I want has transformed everything for me. Now I know I can achieve anything I want. Read more>>

Lloyd Jones | CEO and lead writer for Midnight Comics

I’ve learned in our first year of business that starting a business is daunting and that if you really want to succeed that you have to be willing to not give up. We’ve learned that a successful business requires sleepless nights and perseverance but in the end if it means making your dream come true its worth it. So short version we learned its hard work to get and maintain the things you hold most dear. Read more>>

Eniska Triplett | V.P.Operations

Definitely patience! We often go in with these great ideas and how we will implement them and sometimes (most times) it plays out totally different than what you expected. You start to question if you doing the right thing, if you should have waited to start your own business the doubts start to occupy your thoughts and then all of sudden when you least expect it you’ve accomplished so much more than what you set out to do. My mom used to say ” a Brick Mason doesnt lay all the bricks at once, it takes time, patience and effort to lay them just right”. So when planning your business venture- plan patience too! Read more>>

Terri Copeland | Real Estate Wealth Advisor (Using Residential and Commercial Real Estate)

The most important lesson I have learned in my business is how important following up/staying connected to clients is!! Over time I realized that 90% of my closings were referrals from past clients or repeat clients. The relationship changes during the transaction as we get to know each other; we become friends and like with all my friends, I like to stay in touch. Read more>>

Gabrielle Robinson | CEO & Founder

Appeal to your audience, not yourself. Every day I have to tell myself this just because I am so used to seeing things on my social media accounts that appeal more to me and I am always like “That’s cute, I can use this for inspo”, but then I have to stop myself and realize that this business isn’t for me, its for my audience. I have a unisex brand where any and everyone can use. I want my brand/feed to be as neutral as possible. Read more>>

Madeleine Wood | Visual & Performing Artist

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned through acting is that everyone is doing the best they can with what they know. They make the decisions they do based on their knowledge base, experiences, and background. To judge someone based on my level of understanding and my perspective of how things should or shouldn’t be, what seems right or wrong to me, is arrogant. In order to play a character – to really dive deep into the character – Read more>>