Often we don’t have to reinvent the wheel to learn something new – we can just ask experts in the field who can draw on their experience to enlighten us. Below, we’ve shared insights insiders from various industries have shared with us.

Alyssa Hollis | Family Photographer, Editing Educator and Podcaster

I think that the one thing that outsiders to the photography industry are not aware of is how much local photographers compare themselves to others in the community. Read more>>

Tatyana Voltaire | Lifestyle | Fashion | Natural hair Influencer/Content Creator

Since I’m a Influencer/Content creator, I feel like one thing about my industry that outsiders are probably unaware of is…all of the time, hard work, tears, etc. that go into being one. People probably think all you have to do is take a selfie and that’s it, when that’s definitely not the case. Read more>>

Onyekachi Ngameze | Host of Kicking It With Kachi” and Writer”

This is a major thing because I was taken aback when I first realized this. In talking to personalities on Kicking It With Kachi, I found that the best interviews occurred when the most research was conducted. Read more>>

Joanne Ginoris | Master Hair Extensionist

There are no secrets, no shortcuts for those of us that are at the forefront of small businesses. As hairdressers we must adapt to unforeseen. Behind every hairdresser in the industry that has surpassed their 7 year mark we are not just riding a wave to success as many people may believe, we work hard behind the scenes empowering & uplifting others. Read more>>

Kyle Alexander | Artist

I would say one thing that outsiders aren’t aware of is the time it takes to be good at making music. It literally takes hundreds of hours practicing, writing and rewriting songs and learning how to record and finding your sound. Most people don’t realize how long that process takes. But its well worth it! Read more>>

Christopher Shipman | Photojournalist

One thing about being a news photographer or photojournalist in the broadcasting industry is that it’s a selfless position to be in considering we are the backbones to majority of the content that gets aired for shows. Read more>>

Roo Boy | Hypeman & Tv Personality

It is not easy as they think it. We go through a lot before or during the show just to make sure the fans or spectators or crowd are in a good mood! Read more>>

DeVonae Wallace | Owner of Mellow Massage in Hollywood Ca

When it comes to the massage and pin management industry, most people think that it’s just a luxury and not a necessity. Massage helps with so many different ailments. Those with cancer or severe depression benefit from bodywork. Massage also helps victims of trauma and athletes who suffer from CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy). Read more>>

AJ Williams | Restaurant Owner

Being in the restaurant industry has its ups and downs. Food waste from orders not being picked up or paid cause a major headache. Read more>>

Alexandria X | Creative Director & Production Designer

As someone in the film industry, I feel that outsiders are unaware of the amount of time filmmakers put into their craft. Not only when it comes to ideation or prepping, but the amount of hours that we spend on set making it happen. Read more>>

Da’sean Whitfield | Beauty business owner

The beauty industry is hard! Its more to it then just selling hair!!! You will have late nights, sometimes you might even wanna take a break might even wanna stop. But if your passionate about it you gonna keep going! Having a buisness especially a hair buisness is not for the weak. Read more>>

Bryson Manzy | Portrait Photographer – Fashion & Beauty

One thing about photography that I believe people that aren’t photographers don’t understand is the amount of time I’ve taken to invest into my craft and the process professional photographers go through to give clients the best photos possible. The investment of thousands of dollars that we spend to be the best at our job, and the countless hours of editing weekly for clients isn’t seen. Read more>>

Amélie Saint-Jacques | Professional organizer and certified KonMari Consultant

People are probably not aware of what professional organizing looks like behind the scenes – in real life. On the one hand, I absolutely love home organizing television shows and Pinterest-worthy photos, not just as a viewer, but also because it helps make the general public aware of what organizers can do. Read more>>