If you had a million dollars to invest right now, how would you deploy that capital?

J Will | Stylish Thinker & Wellness Enthusiast

If I had $1 million to invest, I would absolutely open a GLOW atelier for event and retail purposes. I have tangible dreams of owning and operating a brick and mortar company that nurtures an intimate community of great thinkers and creators. Imagine a quaint, yet contemporary, gathering spot that holds apothecary products by day and hosts artistic events by night. This space would be support and protected by the very community that it was designed for. Read more>>

Chanda Lightsey | Director of All About Business

If I had $1 million dollars to invest right now, my goal and dream is to have money to invest in Women-Owned businesses. I want to provide funds for women to expand and grow their businesses or provide start-up capital for a female entrepreneur. I founded All About Business in 2005 which is a networking group for entrepreneurial women where we network and share resources to help each other grow. Read more>>

David Ben Smith | Actor and Entrepreneur

With a million dollars to invest, I would use most of that capital to invest in real estate properties. I would focus on finding homes located around college campuses having solid structural foundations but with many other issues as cheap as possible (in the 30-70k range). Then I would focus on rehabbing these homes into nice, livable homes for students. Once rehabbed, I would cash out refinance these properties to have extra cash flow for future projects. Read more>>