How do you know when you should keep going versus when it makes sense to cut your losses and try something new? It’s a difficult decision most entrepreneurs and creatives have faced along their journey and so we asked some brilliant folks from the community to share their thoughts.

Benton Thompson III | Motivational Speaker

Firstly, we should never give up, generally speaking that is. In particular, we should never give up on our dreams, nor ourselves. Each new day brings with it more, new, and different opportunities for us to explore and try those options. There is so much that is unknown; the other people involved, the timing, the resources, the logistical coordination that has to take place. All the details and nuisances of a thing might not have been fully revealed yet. That being said, we should never make a permanent decision, based upon a set of temporary circumstances, and/or partial information. There are generally two indicators that I use in determining whether to continue or stop and reevaluate. 1. If the desire is still within me, then it is still alive. I must continue pursuit. 2. If doors continue to open, then my faith and belief demand that I continue to walk through those open doors and see what is behind them. Read more>>

Nicholas Logan | Actor

I think the world gives you signs and you have to be honest and open enough to read them. Acting is maybe the most irresponsible and uncertain career to pursue. You are constantly having job interviews and being rejected. I spent over a decade not really getting anywhere. (Which I don’t recommend for everyone!) I’ve seen a lot of people pursue this path to the point of destructive delusion. You don’t need to judge yourself but you do need to be honest with yourself. I started a few different careers and every time I would begin one, all of a sudden I’d get an acting job that would take me away from it. Read more>>

Hailey Elizabeth | Actor, Model & Brand Influencer

In my career as a professional actor and model, I face a lot of rejection. As most professionals in entertainment know, rejection is an inevitable part of the game. We may spend hours studying for a specific role, fixing our hair and makeup for a casting, or orchestrating a self-tape audition, all to never even book the job. We constantly invest time and energy into our careers with no guarantee of a return. Because of this, so many actors and models end up quitting the pursuit. Not only does it become emotionally, physically and financially draining, but it also affects the way we see ourselves. Our self-confidence diminishes and we may even lose faith in our ability to succeed. Eventually, we’re forced to ask ourselves, “Is it even worth it?” Read more>>