Our community is comprised of some absolutely brilliant entrepreneurs and so we asked a few of them to tell us the story of how they came up with the ideas for their business.

Alejandra Quiroz | Graphic Designer | Balloon Artist | Entrepreneur

This idea was born after spending many years making decorations for my children’s and my husband’s parties. It was something that I loved doing for them and I really liked it when the guests were comfortable with the decorations that I made. After that, I made the decision to open a profile on Instagram to post my decorations, I took courses to perfect my skills, I offered my services on various digital platforms and little by little my clients contacted me. Read more>>

Derek Broome | CEO

I have always had a passion for cooking but I never thought it could become a business. During quarantine, all I did was cook, and post pictures and boomerangs on my Instagram story. Well, after a while and several comments of people telling me they did not know I could cook, in a joking manner I said “well we can go to war in the kitchen” hence the name Kitchen Warz. In trying to develop this business I quickly realized I wanted others to be involved as well. I’ve always been a people person so I figured, I could be the host and use the kitchen as a platform to bring people together. In the mist of this we as a business some how stumbled upon catering to events as well as and are slowly but surely growing. Read more>>

Jocelyn Elmore | Baker, Makeup Artist, and Entrepreneur

Baked by Jocelyn came into fruition while I was studying abroad in Spain. We were given a task in my business class to create a simple business pitch and plan. One day whilst abroad, an idea to combine my two passions/businesses into one. Previously, I used two names for my businesses: Sweet Treats by Jocelyn and Face Beats by Jocelyn. I combined the two using the concept of “baking” with setting powder during the makeup process and of course baking pastries. Read more>>

Evad Ponder | President of AMPS Wellness

AMPS Wellness was started by Tamia Harrell, Raven Jeffress, and Evad Ponder, three friends from East Point, Georgia in May 2021. Tamia was interested in starting a group fitness program with Raven and I. Raven thought it would be great to incorporate mental and spiritual health as well, and I came up with the acronym A.M.P.S. for the Alignment of the Mental, Physical, and Spiritual. Our intentions are to inspire collective elevation and evolution by exploring the mind, strengthening the body and connecting to the soul. Read more>>

Natalie Haney | Floral Designer & Floral Business Owner

The idea of starting my own flower business started once I got my certification for Floral Design. I had been in the Horticulture program for over a year learning how to grow flowers and other plants, but it wasn’t until I learned the design process, all of the different kinds of flowers, and how to bring an event together that I realized that it was my passion and I wanted to start something of my own. I knew that there were so many other amazing floral companies in Atlanta, but I realized that it was actually a big community of business owners that were extremely supportive of others and I was excited to become a part of that. Read more>>