It takes a lot more than an idea to build a business, but there can’t be a business without the idea. So we asked folks who’ve built wonderful businesses to tell us about how they came up with the idea in the first place.

Dr. Shaun Woodly | Speaker, Educator, Author & Staff Development Expert

Teach Hustle Inspire is the result of my desire for change in education. It has evolved over the course of many years of immersion, dedication, and my commitment to making a difference in urban and culturally diverse classrooms. It started from my work as a classroom educator, turned college professor and consultant. I started my podcast by the same name, where I focus on supporting schools that serve urban and culturally diverse communities, specifically as it relates to classroom management and student engagement. Whenever I consult or speak to educators I always try to make sure that what we are learning is not just relevant, but fun. I brought that same energy to my podcast and got a lot of really good feedback and the brand of Teach Hustle Inspire started to take off. Read more>>

LaTangela Newsome | “Monstapreneur”

I have always been known for my love of cooking from a very young age. Once I had my son I found myself cooking all the time. Grease disposal has always been a nuisance in my kitchen and I’m sure many people can relate to that. At one point we were living in a three-story apartment and I was paying extra for valet trash. Although I thought that I was containing my grease properly, by placing it in a used coffee can and tying several plastic bags around it, I still received complaints from management that grease was leaking and causing a rodent problem. This was a very nice apartment complex and I was very embarrassed to say the least. As a result I had to dispose of my grease separately and it was very inconvenient. This made me revisit a conversation that I had had with my brother years prior. We were experiencing a similar situation with not knowing how to dispose of our Grease and started thinking about solutions to the problem. Read more>>

Matt Lunalover | Pet Food Maker

As health conscious individuals, we’ve always been mindful of the food we eat. We try to eat local, whole foods that are as fresh as possible. Many years ago it occurred to us that our cats and dogs, who are family to us, also deserved fresh, healthy, real food. It made sense that if they were in the wild and had a choice, they would be eating freshly caught prey and would never in their lifetimes eat the dry, processed foods we had been feeding them. Until then, we had been buying what we thought was the very best dry food on the market. The kind that had meat as the first ingredient, and contained as few byproducts or other evil-sounding ingredients as possible. When we researched raw diets, it just made sense to us to try feeding our cats and dogs some of the commercially available raw foods. Read more>>