Our community is comprised of some absolutely brilliant entrepreneurs and so we asked a few of them to tell us the story of how they came up with the ideas for their business.

Chris Swiech | Podcast Host

I came up for the idea of my podcast, while in between careers. I was very early in recovery from drug addiction, and I thought why not start talking about mental health and other stigmas related to these types of things. I thought it would be great to have others on my show to interview them, to share their stories. I believe everyone’s story is valuable at the end of the day, doesn’t matter what walk of life you come from! Read more>>

Danza Huey | Founder & CEO of Mash Up, LSU and Georgia Tech Alumnus

There are so many new party card games out there that we forgot about our favorite classic card games which created most of our childhood or adulthood memories. Remember Old Maid, Presidents, or Authors? I wondered if a brand could “mash up” the card games of the past with the new and exciting gameplay elements of party card games today. Introducing Mash Up! Mash Up is here to bring classic card games to the 21st century for the 21 and up crowd and the 21st century kid. As a new party card brand bringing back so many classic card games from around the world , Mash Up is just getting started! Join the Mash Up party! Read more>>

Kristen Johnson | HBCU Scholarship Nonprofit Founder & IT Professional

After the nation was rattled by the tragic death of George Floyd, I took a hard and introspective look at what I could do to make an actionable change for my community and those around me. As graduates of Historically Black Colleges, my husband and I have both benefitted personally and professionally from the rich heritage of HBCU institutions. Historically, HBCUs played a critical role in the success of newly freed blacks as they navigated towards a better life after slavery. Read more>>

Toya Small-Price | Cook

It’s quite a funny story actually- I have always had a passion and love for food and trying different things. However, a couple years ago, I could not cook to save my life. I lived with my two best friends in college and tried my hardest to make meals for myself. The two of them would look at me as if I was crazy for the concoctions I was throwing together. With all of my failed attempts in cooking, I was determined to master it. I grew a passion for knowing the different flavors and herbs in dishes to the point where I could take apart those same dishes that I eat at restaurants and recreate them at home. Read more>>

Jazmine Harding | Licensed Nail Technican, Lash Artist & MUA

Well I was working a job that I didn’t care for anymore due to what I was experiencing in the workplace.My nail tech at the time(Jamila owner of Her House of Beauty) suggested that I take her nail class and become my own boss again. We would talk every nail appointment and she asked me what was I going to call my business and I told her I Do For You, because the traditional nail salons say that all the time and they don’t do for me. From that I Do For You By Jaz was born Read more>>