Our community is comprised of some absolutely brilliant entrepreneurs and so we asked a few of them to tell us the story of how they came up with the ideas for their business.

Kierstyn Johnson | Brand & Marketing Coach

In 2015, I was in a season of wanting to know so badly what my purpose was. After leaving a church service I was sitting in my car and there was a small whisper that came to me so clearly “You are called to help others align with their unique voice so they can walk out who they were called to be while here on Earth”. I always knew I was called to help others yet I could never understand how to use my love to serve others to make income. In 2019, the spring semester as I was completing my Masters’s degree, the light bulb clicked off when I ran across the coaching industry one night after seeing a coaching ad. Read more>>

Angela Cantrell | Home Stager & Creative Social Consultant

This answer has two parts. The business name and original concept came from one of my uncles. When I was host for our annual family reunion in 2010, he and I discussed my desire to start an Event Planning business. His words still ring clear, “you’re more than an event planner, you’re more like a social consultant, cause you can do it all”. Although, I took several years of soul searching to come up with a way to embrace his words and combine them with my passion and purpose. Ultimately I determined that the best way to do what I love creatively and be of service to others, would come through helping home owners move to their next stage in life. Read more>>

Kennedy Lucas | CEO Of K.L.P Entertainment & “Kennedy Lucas & Associates”

Freshly new to the big ATL in 2010. I had no idea what our business plans were to have this start-up film/Production studio. We had no money, no resources, and no business partners that could loan us any technology to form the business. We just started making amateur films and just uploading them to the internet. At that year, we did not know how to monetize our content to make money from our developments. Originally I was only a manager for what was called K.L.P Studios, so I wanted to find ways to grow the company and make it profitable.After our downfall of 2015, we had lost a lot of viewership, sponsorships, and money. on there I thought I was on top of the world but… the year of 2015 happed. We called it the year the K.L.P brand has fallen into tragic. Read more>>

Whitney & Tiffany Coble & Thompson | Licensed Mental Health Therapists & Entrepreneurs

We began originally as child focused therapists. We worked immensely with children ranging from the ages of 3 years up to 17 years old. As new therapists are biggest goal was feeling confident as a therapist and meeting the criteria to become a fully licensed therapist in our state. We learned some very valuable experiences as therapists working with children but we saw the need for adults especially the women who were involved in the children lives. We understood the stigmas, resistance, and generational trauma that kept several of the parents we worked with that from getting what they needed when it came to their mental health. Read more>>