Our community is comprised of some absolutely brilliant entrepreneurs and so we asked a few of them to tell us the story of how they came up with the ideas for their business.

Eboni Woodbury | Social Worker & Baker

In 2016, I was brainstorming ways to generate more income to pay for my wedding. I’ve always liked strawberries so I thought to sell chocolate covered strawberries. At this time, I was pitching the idea to my family and my younger cousins suggested for me to try to make candy apples. For a year, I tried my hands at chocolate strawberries and candy apples. Since I was shy, I would “employee” my cousins to sell my products. Who can say no to a child? LOL! I then began networking with an event planner who would encourage me to try different dessert items. I had added more confectionary items such as cake pops, chocolate dipped Rice Krispies Treats, Oreos, pretzel rods, and marshmallows. In 2018, I started baking cakes and it has been an experience ever since! Read more>>

Amanda Trevelino | Yoga Therapist

and onto a yoga mat for the first time. I’d been treated for issues related to my nervous system. At the time, I considered myself healthy and fit — at least on the outside. But inside, I was barely holding it together. That first class led to years of formal training and a certification as a yoga therapist. Two learnings were powerful:  First, I learned that yoga is, first and foremost, an ethical practice of “right living.” One of it’s guidelines is the Sanskrit word Santosha, which translates as establishing an inner peace, an equanimity, that doesn’t depend on outer circumstances. Read more>>

Givhan | Creative Works Coordinator

As a multi-disciplinary artist, it’s really challenging when you take that step to become a business because you have to essentially sculpt what you do into a package that can be received by something as small as a mission statement. Art/creativity is already massive so presenting more than one as a business was extremely hard for me. You want people to know you do a lot but you don’t want to come off as being all over the place. I’ve always wanted to help people with all the different skills I have but do so & show up as myself; so that could be as a producer for an album, helping design a website, project management, or any other skill I have or will have. Read more>>

Maya Holmes | Owner-Operator

At the time I had just left my 9-5 in pursuit of something that would allow me more flexibility. My family is very important to me and time flies by so fast, I didn’t want to miss any more moments. I remember being homesick this particular weekend, so I decided to bake a pound cake reminiscent of New Orleans. Back home we make a pound cake topped with a praline candy drizzle. It’s one of those comfort foods that take me right back to the city. Monday rolls around and I still have quite a bit of cake left. I asked my husband if he thought some of his co-workers might like some. He agreed, so I sent several slices off to the office. I really thought nothing of it until my husband came home that night with glowing feedback. It was truly one of those Ah-ha moments. I thought, you know, I can do this! And so with my family’s support, I did. Read more>>

Todd Belin | Dancer/Choreographer

My passion for dance and cultural activities are what inspired me to want to further navigate my career. Motivating an encouraging self confidence through movement, in which help me create my idea for my business; MOVES IN MOTION LLC. Read more>>

Quintin Bostic, Ph.D. | Chief Executive Officer & Educational Consultant

The name of my company is my name, Dr. Quintin Bostic. People always ask me, “Why did you decide to make your business name your actual name? Is that not weird?” Here is what I tell people. When the City Girls said in their song Jobs, “I’on work jobs, b***h, I am a job,” I took that seriously. People laugh, but it is the truth. I live by the quote, “If you’re not branding yourself, you can be sure others will do it for you.” Your name is one of the many things in the world that can not be taken from you, so why not grab hold of it and control the narrative. That is where my educational consulting company, Dr. Quintin Bostic, came from. Read more>>

Jasmine Dix | Master Baker

I’m just a girl that started out with some flour, oil, & eggs and turned it my dream into reality. Read more>>

Sarah Edelman | NEAT Method Atlanta Co-Owner

We have always had a passion for organizing and orderly spaces along with a love for elements of design. This lead us to Neat Method which seamlessly blended both attributes of organizing and design to create a cohesive feel in the home. Read more>>

Matthew Dagle | Audio Engineer & Photography

The idea of my business came to me at the time i was moving from an intern to assistant engineer. Just talking and listening to issues upcoming artist are having an building a model that will benefit them an myself. The was the whole idea of building a one stop shop from recording to video and photos, and radio all under one roof. Read more>>