Deciding to pursue an artistic or creative career path isn’t for the faint of heart. Challenges will abound, but so many of the artists we speak with couldn’t be happier with their choice. So, we asked them about how they made the decision in the first place.

Gerard Ogee1523″ Allen | Rap Artist”

Music has been part of me for my whole life, growing up with parents who loved music, My parents always used to have company over, and I was the entertainer, you can say we had a party house, also in school. Read more>>

Nikkia Nelson | Hair Stylist

Honestly I’ve always been an artistic person, in retrospect. I attended college and received a degree in biology/pre-dental. After working in the science field for about 3 years, my focus changed and I knew It wasn’t fulfilling for my life. It was pretty boring to be honest. And for someone who is an extrovert, I needed more. Read more>>

Daniel Guyton | Playwright, Screenwriter, Director, Actor, and Teacher

As a child, I was often sick with earaches, sinus infections, allergies, etc. These weren’t just minor illnesses. I was very familiar with the inside of a hospital room before I was 10. I still have scar tissue inside my ears and nasal passages from countless surgeries and infections I’ve had over the years. Read more>>

Michael English | Violinist/Violist, Producer, Arranger

For me, music and the arts have always been my preferred form of expression. When I was younger, playing my violin, singing in choir, performing in marching band, these things are what gave me a focus in life. Read more>>

Brandi Thompson | Branding & Content Strategist

I have been a creative for as long as I can remember. In the last ten years, I’ve explored content creation, graphic design, videography and video editing, photography, and more. Combined with my love for business marketing, my passion for creativity has allowed me the opportunity to work with a variety of clients – corporations, colleges, music artists, clothing brands, pastors, churches, and more! Read more>>

Zantavius Fuller | Entrepreneur, Nurse , Artist & Dancer

I chose to purse an artistic career because I knew as a child I was different. I always danced , singed , wrote poems and etc instead of doing typical rough boy hobbies . And I knew my talent was special so I felt the need to embrace as much of it as I can. And I’ve always had a group of supportive family members that always pushed me to go further. This leads me to being the creative and artistic individual that I am today. Read more>>

Xuxa Day | The Mean Marketer

I think my upbringing always embodied art and utilizing my creativity. I went from sketching runway pieces to supporting behind the lens whether I was doing makeup, styling, or creative directing a whole shoot on my own. I love storytelling and I think as I’ve grown, I’ve learned how to do so scaling to bigger challenges each time. Read more>>

Jasmine & Vincent James | Founders of Fira X Wear

We feel that the creative space has always been what we are the most passionate about and is ingrained in the fabric of our business as well as throughout our lives. Jasmine, Fira X Wear’s Chief Creative Officer, is mostly known for her cosplay and costume making online as @CutiepieSensei and has been featured on Disney+, SyFy, and Prime Video’s social media channels for her costume designs. Read more>>

Fēi Ford | Creative Director

I got fired from all my jobs! From retail to to warehouse to the office all of them. I got let go from a part time job that I only worked 4hrs a week. It was tough, but I always came back to my art. I yearned to have a space where I could fully be myself and being an artist allowed me to apply my gifts to the fullest. Art has changed my life offering me confirmation and healing in ways I could never imagined. My biggest being my peace and I’m so thankful that I get to exercise what I love on a daily. Read more>>