Deciding to pursue an artistic or creative career path isn’t for the faint of heart. Challenges will abound, but so many of the artists we speak with couldn’t be happier with their choice. So, we asked them about how they made the decision in the first place.

Jordan Markus | Singer, Actor, & Content Creator

I pursued an artistic/creative career simply because I knew from a very young age that there was nothing else I could do with my life and be living to my fullest potential. We’re only here for a fixed amount of time and I didn’t wanna waste it doing something I don’t love or something that someone else wants me to do. It’s your life! Read more>>

Olivia Lewis | Saxophonist & Worship Leader

Choosing an “artistic” career for me means that I am blessed with the journey of expression. Music is the bridge that binds us together whether we know it or not. Growing up I always liked to have options to do everything. I could not just sit down and “choose” what activity I wanted to do. Of course, with those options the question is no longer “what” to do, but it is the “when” of doing it. One of my first early memories included me singing at church as a little girl in Mississippi watching my mom lead the Congregation into worship. Read more>>

Candace Rimes | Design Director

I have always been a maker and surrounded by creative thinkers. Growing up, my mom was a teacher and my dad an engineer but both were also incredibly talented artists. They were always working on a creative project that I am sure they wished they had more time for…so at an early age they encouraged me to explore different creative realms: writing, photography, painting, and ceramics. I honestly think my early exposure to these fields intersected by the practical and functional lens of my dad’s profession propelled me to live and breathe design! Read more>>

Krystle Marshall | Confectionery Artist

I’m a creative at heart. It’s been in me since I was very small. Nothing calms me better than creating something. Whether it’s art, food, treats, poetry or a combination of them all! Bringing an idea to life incites joy within. So naturally developing a business that allowed me to have ownership of that creativity, was a given. It’s definitely a plus, making money from something that simultaneously makes you happy 😉 Read more>>

Thomas Crowder | Photographer & Creator

I pursued a artistic career because our society puts so much pressure on the everyday working person and I just got tired of that cycle. I’ve always been into photos and using cameras so I decided to see what I could make of my passion for photography. Read more>>

Jerkari Jackson | Visual Media Artist, Creative Director, Actor, Musician & Model

When I was about 13 my Uncle bought me my first camera. At that young age I had a lot of spare time on my hands. I became extremely infatuated with youtube. I would spend hours & hours everyday & after school just streaming random videos of content around the world. I recognized the power of visual media at a very early age & its influence is has on us a society & how it shapes us. More specifically I knew the importance of representation in media & it’s potential to bridge gaps in society and foster a better coexistence. Read more>>

Nakia Campbell | FreeLance Make Up Artist & CPT Medical

I pursued an artistic creative career, because it’ allows you to be your authentic self and freely do what you love to do, which is create and be unique while being artistic. Read more>>

Joe Hausch | inventor/artist/designer/musician/entrepreneur

From as long as I can remember I was drawing and I loved it. I remember growing up in the 60s and coming home from grade school. I would go in the hallway, and slide a chair over in front of our apartment door so I could get my key in the lock. I would go in, turn on the TV to Batman, The Munsters or Flipper, I would gab my pad of paper and pencil and I would start drawing. Usually Batman I recall. Maybe some tanks as G.I. Joe was just getting pretty popular. Read more>>

Ashley Glasper | Owner of the Candle Company Melanin Flames

I am a true creative ever since I was a young girl. Growing up I was always into crafts such as crocheting, painting, and any other arts and craft projects I could get my hands on. Being creative became my therapy, and with that, we all know the saying, if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” Being creative is what I love. Read more>>

Stephanie Merritt | Cosmetic & Paramedical Tattoo Artist

I began my career in cosmetic tattooing nearly 5 years ago after working for over a decade in the financial & brokerage industry. It was not a career that I enjoyed, so I always had my eyes open for new options. Working in a corporate world for so many years was mentally distressing and I knew I something had to change. I have always loved art & music and grew up in a household that was always open to artistic expression. What I didn’t have was formal training or education. Read more>>

WilliamGold | Music Producer, Audio & Visual Designer

WilliamGold: My entire life up until 2021 I spent assuming I’d have to find a way to fit the mold of corporate America. I pretty much assumed that being a creative in this society meant definite starvation or a seemingly endless drudge through crappy gigs and side hustles that would never lead to real investment in a creative career. However, when Covid hit, things changed. Read more>>

Jean-Pierre Boudreaux | Creative Director and Videographer

Pursuing a creative career has always been an easy choice, but a hard journey. For as long as I can remember, I have always loved telling stories and had a creative imagination. I also was exposed to a lot of different creative mediums as a kid. My family used to have hundreds of DVD’s (aging myself a bit haha) and CD’s from a large selection of genres. Being the son of tw Gen-Xers, both my mom and dad had their favorite films and bands from the 1970’s and 1980’s. My formative years were full of Star Wars, Star Trek, Queen, The Scorpions, and numerous other things that influenced me, as well as everyone else in the family being extremely musically inclined, able to sing and play various instruments, though I was never quite as gifted in that area. Read more>>

Diamond Elyse | Singer, songwriter, dancer, entertainer

I come from a musical background on both sides of my family. So, I’ve been singing since a very young age. In high school, with being apart of the music department, I was able to start orchestrating my own performances. Now, I pretty much always knew that I wanted to be a singer. But, after beginning to put on my own shows, I had even more confidence that that’s what I wanted to do as a career. Read more>>

Ashley Knighton | Creative Event Designer & Educator

Growing up with a mother who loved all things creative, shifted me into the same direction…. Never too much, always room for one more last touch. The drive for my creative side definitely blossomed from the likes of my creatively planned birthday parties, themed Easter and Valentine’s baskets, or her building my life sized dollhouse before there was Pinterest, Facebook, or any other form of social media. This with being an elementary educator for almost 18 years continues to tap into my creative career. Starting iCre8too was purely formulated out of passion for creating the hopes and dreams of my clients. Read more>>