Our community is comprised of entrepreneurs and artists and creatives – folks who have chosen incredibly difficult professional paths that often don’t offer any safety nets or guarantees. Nonetheless, we regularly hear that being a parent is a far greater challenge and so we asked some of these folks to open up to us about the things they’ve done as parents that they feel will have a meaningful and positive impact on their child.

Diani Ellison | Photographer & Clothing-Line Owner

As a parent, the most important thing I’ve done in terms of impact would be simply going on this current journey of healing. I’ve learned how not only our good habits but also our bad habits and trauma can be passed down to our children through our DNA and the thought of my son suffering through things I refuse to face and conquer is heartbreaking to me. I’ve made it my mission to allow the Most High in the depths of me, to help pull out and uncover things that have been keeping me stagnant, and comfortable in my old self. To take better care of myself and take my health seriously, both physical and mental. And because of this, I’m gaining a deeper understanding of myself, learning what I like and don’t like, and ultimately who I am. When I initially started typing this message it was all about chasing my dreams, leaving my 9-5, and building some sort of legacy. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how much money or whatever I choose to leave my son if he has to go to therapy because of me and my choice not to grow and heal. Read more>>

JaVaughna Bevel | Life & Leadership Coach

I think as a mother, the biggest impact I’ve had on my children is teaching them to define success and happiness on their terms. They understated fulfillment is an inside job and I see them daily, going after their heart’s desires. Read more>>

Eva Jane Bunkley | Emmy Award Winning Makeup Artist, Inventor of “The Makeup Bullet®”, Award Winning Filmmaker

As I parent, I have endeavored to raise sons who are compassionate, kind and confident. I have tried to model this behavior in all interactions they witness as they see me walk through life. As far as pursuing my business endeavors, I hope that I have showed them that the only limits they have are ones that are self-imposed. I have structured my businesses and my goals around parenting as well as entrepreneurship so that I can be as present in their daily lives as much as possible. On the outside this may be perceived as limiting in some way to the growth of my business but witnessing them mature and flourish is what gives me fulfillment at this stage in my life. I have had my children accompany me to trade shows and I have become a vendor at camps they participate in to be close to them. I intertwine my interests within environments that overlap whenever possible. Read more>>

Chanté Dent | CEO, Chanté Dent, LLC

The most important thing I have done as a parent is committing to be honest and transparent with my children. My husband and I give our children a safe space to talk about whatever they want to talk about without the fear of getting in trouble or looked down upon, and they do. When we are honest with our children about our mistakes and accomplishments, we find that it gives them the confidence to do the same. We have also vowed to treat our children the way we want to be treated. We set the standard by not yelling at one another, and we do our best not to yell at them. Stern at times, but not screaming or demeaning them. Read more>>