For some it might be a dystopian novel and for others it might be an uplifting memoir, but almost everyone has a book, poem or essay that left a meaningful impact on them. We asked some of the brightest folks around town to tell us about books that have had a lasting impact for them.

Solanda Gordon | Project Management Professional

I recently read “We Should All Be Millionaires” by Rachel Rodgers’. At the onset of reading this book, I thought that I was going to learn ways to make extra cash, but once I got past the first paragraph, I knew that I was onto something much deeper than that. See, Rachel explains how being a millionaire is not only about what’s in your bank account, it starts with what’s in your mind. So, while reading this book, Read more>>

Jaeda Liddell | DJ and artist

My favorite book of all time is The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken.There are kids who are the survivors of a disease that either killed anyone over the age of 12 or gave them powerful abilities. The kids who survived are put into camps and lose their entire childhoods.I like it because it’s all about fighting for yourself, your own power, and forging your own way. It’s also about making friends and sticking with the ones you love no matter what. Even though they lost their parents and were forced to endure harsh conditions, they kept their hearts, spirit,and their humanity. Read more>>

Dealia Pooler | Portrait Photographer

One of my favorite books is Who moved my cheese by Spencer Johnson Something one wants that they think will make them happy while working hard to attain this & the circumstances take it away its heartbreaking. It’s crazy how something you worked years for can all be taken away instantly. It woke me up business wise because I only had one stream of income and If that was taken away I’d be in a very unpleasant situation. In other words don’t get too comfortable. Be ready for change & Adaptation is necessary for survival because having the finish line mentality will hinder you. Life is really just a series a problems that we all have to solve. Read more>>