For some it might be a dystopian novel and for others it might be an uplifting memoir, but almost everyone has a book, poem or essay that left a meaningful impact on them. We asked some of the brightest folks around town to tell us about books that have had a lasting impact for them.

Janell Hearns | Storyteller. Producer and DJ

One book that has had a tremendous impact on my life is The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom by Don Miguel Ruiz. The book taught me valuable principles that helped me get out of my own way. It’s a quick and easy read, that is a complete game changer. Read more>>

Krisia Kirksey | The 4th Season Sounds Owner

Work Less Make More by James Schramko. This book taught me the importance of marketing, ownership , the importance home and work balance also about passive income . The impact this book had on me was In regards to marketing my business mostly . I create a budget weekly and monthly for marketing. This has been one huge secret to my success this far . Read more>>

Keila Nicole Dumas | Writer, Model, Podcast Host, & Curator

The Four Agreements. I have read it every year since I first received it in 2016. Each agreement has helped me develop a more mature thought process in all of the spaces that I navigate. If I gift someone The Four Agreements, I am really connected to their energy and want them to experience growth on their path. It’s a very important book to read when going through your twenties and even better when you revisit it in your thirties. Read more>>