We asked some of our favorite folks what makes them happy and why?

Dimescha Daniel | Boutique Owner & Stylist

Although, my goal is to style diverse group of women. It really makes me happy working with everyday women to bring out their confidence and unique style. These women are everything! Whether you’re considered a younger or older woman, we all have a story. These are the women that get up every day and put one foot forward to get through the obstacles and challenges they face on a daily basis. Sometimes these obstacles may shake our confidence and we may feel less beautiful. It makes me happy to work with these women on a personal level to help them feel more comfortable and confident in their inner and outer beauty to reflect their own personal style. When they send me pictures smiling from their event saying, “they felt like the most beautiful woman in the room” or “how their date couldn’t keep his eyes or hands off.” It really brings me joy to my heart! Read more>>

M-T Strickland | Engineer – Entrepreneur – Co-Founder of Metric Mate

Building. Whether it be building a business, building a relationship, building Legos with students, or building on the success of those that have come before. To be building is the happy place. Read more>>

Tremayne “Trey” Jones | Entrepreneur/Owner/CEO

Being alive makes me happy. That’s why I smile, laugh, crack jokes everyday. The next day is never promised so we should enjoy every second while we can, because some people are not able to enjoy this time on earth anymore. We shouldn’t look at, ‘O, this guy got in front of me in the line at Starbucks.’ It’s only coffee, not the end of the world. Be happy because we’re alive to see another day. Read more>>