We asked some of our favorite folks what makes them happy and why?

Gavin Lee: The Bite of Korea & Clairmont Cafe Owner

I am overall a positive guy, but there are two things that make me genuinely happy. First thing that makes me happy is overcoming adversity, a crisis or a challenge. Happiness, in my opinion, is what comes after wrestling with stress. Happiness does not appear on its own, but when we make a breakthrough out of the crisis, happiness comes like a warm strand of light at the end of the stormy tunnel. Read more>>

Syndy Noisette: Fashion designer, stylist and creative director

So many things make me happy. God’s love and blessings , my children, my husband ,close family , friends and my art. They all play a vital role in my life , each help me grow everyday . Each one of them give me unconditional love. Read more>>

Dr Monica Moore: Pediatrician, Owner of Premier Wellness and Founder and CEO of Girls Growing Gracefully

My nurse passed by my desk recently and commented that she loved my notebook cover. I said thank you with a smile as I thought how the notebook speaks to me on so many levels. The colorful notebook says, “Do What Makes You Happy.” It is a daily reminder that happiness is a choice. This is why daily I make a conscious effort to to choose happy. Read more>>

boy blue: Artist & Producer

My creations, and my relationships with my friends and family. Getting constant love from many different people all the time has driven me to of an unconscious mind state of power. It can really boost the value I hold for myself so it’s always needed. Read more>>

Michael Challenger: Ceo and Founder of Optimal Living Summit & Transformational Life Coach

I’m grateful and happy that the adventures of life have proven time and time again that there’s no limit to success and love. It’s’ all about one’s personal mindset and belief system. When a person is clear about their objectives in life, we can achieve anything we want to experience and it’s powerful. Read more>>

Christopher Wood: Chief Coffee Slinger

I love the people part of my job. For me this is two-fold: our customers and my baristas. When we set out to open our coffee shop, we had the goal of wanting to create a work environment that we ourselves would have wanted to work in (kind of the Golden Rule but for work). Read more>>

Monique Jackson: Entrepreneur

My kids make me happy, They motivate me to experience the best that life has to offer. They inspire me to become a better person and build a better life, giving them the best life that they deserve. Read more>>