We asked some of our favorite folks what makes them happy and why?

Diezie Sahn | African Action Actor

True happiness to me comes when I am providing for myself, and my family and bringing my ideas to life by fulfilling what I love. In this case, is through film, music, and Introducing new ideas to the world in which I come from, West Africa Liberia for a start. Read more>>

Jay Joseph | Artist

Being in a creative space, mentally and physically, makes me happy. Photography is my main medium of choice and when I’m making art, I am solely focused on that and noting else around me. It’s my safe haven; It’s my therapy. Read more>>

Diana Sanchez | Visual Artist & Owner of Mind & Corazon Creative

I love creating because it helps me both deal with and express emotions. It’s the way I’ve learned to deal with the world and I’m forever grateful that I have it. Spending time with people makes me happy because I think people are beautiful, interesting and inspiring. I love laughing with friends and genuinely enjoying the moment. On the other hand, spending time alone and recharging by taking care of myself brings me so much peace and happiness. Read more>>