We love ourselves a good quote and so we asked our community to share their favorite quotes and affirmations with us and we’ve highlighted some below.

Nicole Scott | Author

There are a couple quotes that I like, but my favorite is about insanity. It says doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is insane. To me it means that you have to shake things up if you are in a rut. Sometimes people may not be happy, but they sit back and hope that things will change. We have to realize that we are the directors of our own lives. So we can yell cut at anytime. For example, you can’t keep going to a job that you hate everyday and just miraculously start liking it. Read more>>

Iyana (Yoni) Laws | Waistbeads Designer & Reiki Master

My favorite affirmation is: Self love is the well we draw from to pour into others. This is my personal reminder to make sure I fill my own cup first. So that I’m able to give to others from my surplus Vs deficit. Read more>>

Chia Morgan | Community Activist, Notary Public and Therapist

Service is the rent we pay for living. This is a quote that sticks by me because the work I do in the community is so vital but it can be tiring and frustrating but this quote reminds me of my why in the moments that I need some self-encouragement. Read more>>

Stephanie Burnette | Food & Travel Writer, Editor, Author in the Southern US

For several years I lived by the motto: “Come from a place of yes” and it served me well, until it didn’t. By saying yes, I widened my circles of influence, went to amazing events, produced work in new ways. I found out I was naturally good in new situations and could hold my own with peers more experienced. Read more>>

Fedana Toussaint | Poet & Author

My favourite quote is “ This is not a craft of perfection, just progress. The perfect poem can’t be written, just lived.” To me it is a reminder to be easy on yourself and your talent. It is a reminder to not over criticize your art to the point where you begin to perverse it by trying to write based on the expectations of the audience as opposed to writing for the feeling and the truth of the poetry. Read more>>