We love ourselves a good quote and so we asked our community to share their favorite quotes and affirmations with us and we’ve highlighted some below.

Delleon McGlone | Community Lead at Syndicate DAO & DAO contributor at Potion DAO

“Freedom requires sacrifice” is my favorite affirmation because no matter what your goal is it will require some level of digging deep and challenging yourself. Sometimes not all the time people like the idea of something more than the work required to get it done but when the work is done those who were committed to the process regardless of the challenge it was reap the benefits. How far are you willing to go, how deep are you willing to dig, how driven are you, and what will you sacrifice to achieve the goal you have for yourself? It’s the winnergy (Winners Energy) mentality. Read more>>

Byron Wilson Jr. | Former Athlete, Author & Multi-Business Owner

Don’t Count The Days, Make them Count!- Muhammad Ali. What it mean’s to me is take advantage of the opportunities you have. Everyday you wake up you have an opportunity to make an impact on your life as well as others. What stand’s out about it to me is it screams be consistent. Consistency is key! Read more>>

Avery McNeil | Coolboi Av..Artist & the definition what COOL IS

Yes I DEFINITELY have a favorite quote, and it is ‘STAY THE COURSE’. The quote is legit EVERYDAY life to me. Everybody around the world, no matter your race, religion etc. has something that they are facing. A goal they are trying to reach, something they are trying to accomplish. There will be up’s and downs, valleys and peeks, twist and turns. (Such as a course) Since we are on this course of life; going through whatever it is we going through and battling, we are feeling the pain and joy , the sun and the rain…we might as well battle through whatever it is we are dealing with and make it to where we gotta go (STAY THE COURSE) no point in settling now. Get what you came for. Read more>>

Davin Sutherland | Content Creator and Social Media Influencer

My favorite quote or affirmation is “We Don’t Chase, We Build.”
To me it means that there’s no fast way to success. You can’t chase down being great, you have to get there step by step. VOTC Promotions & Entertainment was built on several small-scale ventures. Each part of my company was created at a stopping point for me in many different fields that I was trying to reach with no plan. Now I’m able to provide those services for others and truly say I’ve built my success on the same things that I stopped chasing into failure. Read more>>