The Coronavirus has given many us an opportunity to pause and think about life, our purpose, and even the right work life balance. What’s your perspective and has it changed over time?

Aaron Dews | Hip Hop Artist & Producer

I believe it’s gotten better. For a good while it was about creating and working and I pushed some people away so I’ve been trying to make relationships and fellowship a priority again. Read more>>

Janelle King | Nurse , Blogger & Writer

When I started blogging and writing, I really had to keep a tight schedule so that I could fulfill all of my personal and professional responsibilities. Since my daughter is a little older and a little more independent, I have the opportunity to take on more writing clients. I’m also very fortunate to have a husband who supports all of my endeavors and takes on more of the home duties when he knows I have big project deadlines looming. My balance is fluid. Read more>>

A’Driana LaFaye | Self-Published Author & Book Mentor

That’s a wonderful question! My work-life balance has changed over time because my work is ever-evolving. In the beginning, it was easier to set aside time to work on my book or schedule meetings, etc. For example, when I started my business I was working an overnight shift so I would work that job, get off in the morning and work my business, then still try to have time for family. It was burning me out! As my business grows, it does become a bit more difficult to find that balance. Read more>>

Kayla Osterhoff | Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner

Work and life began to feel more “balanced” for me when I created a work situation that didn’t feel like “work” anymore. This eliminated the need for work-life balance, as it all just became life! I work, but it’s part of my life’s purpose and I feel alive in my work. This is the key to what I would call “work-life integration” rather than balance. Read more>>

Tristan Tuttle | Stained Glass Artist & Work From Home Mom

In the past, this has been a hard issue for me to work through. Hard work is important, but there has to be a balance of some kind between hustle and rest. If I work myself to death trying to build something, yet I have no energy left to pour into my family and my life outside of work and art, then what is the point? I’ve watched friends burn themselves out working, until they could not enjoy the fruits of their labor. I want better than that for me and my family. Read more>>

Brett Ellis | IT Career Coach & Education Consultant

The idea of work-life balance has always been a priority for me. Growing up, my mother was the best example for this. She turned down multiple career opportunities, so she could stay present in me and my sister’s lives. She raised us as a single mother, and she made it clear that we were her priority. As a young professional, I had to find my own version of that balance. Similar to parenting, we all have things in our lives that are more important to us than work. Read more>>

Acacia Harris | Crafting with Cass

Achieving a work life balance has proven to be difficult for me lately. As you mature you try to manage your time better, but also realize that there isn’t much of it. I have realized how hard it can be juggling your passion with everyday life to achieve your dreams. Everyday life obstacles can delay the realization of those dreams. I myself have felt the weight of the obstacles increasing in my life recently, but I’m learning that focus and maintaining a strong mental will aid in achieving that balance. Read more>>

Deanna Choo | Momprenuer , Blogger & State Government worker

Work life balance is very important and I try to maintain it and I can say that I’m actually doing pretty well. I’m a full time 9-5 worker , a full time business owner and a full time mother to a four year old. It can get very challenging at times but with prayer and a great support system I manage it well. With time and experience it has gotten a lot easier. It takes times to learn your routines and what works best for you. In the beginning of my journey after college and graduating with a baby I was so lost. Read more>>

Cienna Johnson Casseus | Bougee Bowtique LLC Owner

I have learned how to balance my work life by organizing and prioritizing my time. Running a small business can be challenging. The most important factor is time management. It goes back to the saying, “preparedness meets opportunity”. When I organize and prioritize my time, I am able to enjoy my work and personal life. Read more>>

Nikia Dejoie | Celebrity Makeup Artist

Being a “celebrity” makeup artist comes with so many perks and sacrifices. Being able to be creative, traveling, as well as meeting and working with so many wonderful iconic people. With me being married and being an extremely active mom with 2 small kids I have had to create a system that works for everyone in my household and sometimes that can be extremelyhectic. I was giving the opportunity this year to go on a 6 month tour which required me to be away from home 3-4 days a week. Read more>>

Johanne Osias | Self care coaching

Work life balance is the hallmark of my self care coaching business. As a mother, wife and professional, I had to learn how to balance every roles and do it with grace and compassion. I launched my self-care coaching business after I had a miscarriage 2 years ago working full time as a Community Mental Health Therapist and taking care of my 2 beautiful children and being a wife. After that tragic experience, I took 6 months off work and focus on my self and what I was doing for my self-care practice. Read more>>