One of the most rewarding things about getting to know so many entrepreneurs is seeing first-hand how many of them are focused on so much more than just financial results. So many of the folks we connect with are focused on having a positive social impact on their community or the world at large. Check out some of these amazing folks below.

Christian Brown | Personal & Group Fitness Coach

I believe, whenever you are in the business of serving others you will naturally have an impact on your community. From the initial consultation, I tell clients what my intentions are: 1. To create a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable. 2. cultivate a community where everyone can benefit from the network we have created. Being a Fitness Coach is such a unique career because of how organic your business relationships develop into friendships. At times, workout sessions become a space for clients too refocus or temporarily let go of life tasks. We not only have a direct impact on your physical health but we also support your mental needs. Whether it’s boosting confidence in the amount of reps and weight you move, professional endeavors or even personal relationships, we fill those shoes effortlessly. Read more>>

Annie Mulligan | Attorney at Law

Mulligan Law provides legal services to individuals in the community who otherwise would be unlikely to afford them. We provide legal representation in areas of their lives that they would otherwise not be able to manage effectively or knowledgeably, such as divorce, custody, adoption, paternity, legitimation, child support, and domestic violence. We do this by offering affordable flat fees and payment plans based on the individual’s income. This significantly expands the safety net for those of limited means in our community. Additionally, our active pro bono and low bono commitment means that our reach extends to yet another constituency in need of this support. Read more>>

Moniek Richardson-Garside | Licensed Clinical Social Worker

FitLife Wellness, LLC is a private counseling practice dedicated to helping clients reach and achieve fulfilling and balanced living. As 12% of the total US population and the most overrepresented at-risk demographic, Blacks/African-Americans are impacted by health disparities and mental health stigmas at a disproportionate rate, more so than any other demographic. Through providing mental health services including individual therapy and couples counseling, building awareness through workshops and webinars, and advocating for community resources we are changing the stigma on mental health. FitLife Wellness, LLC is determined to bring awareness to the importance of mental health within the black community and break barriers with access to services. Read more>>

Ken Porter | Chief Visionary and Brand Storyteller

I became a social justice leader because the future requires something of me that I must prepare for on today. When the values of nonprofits, foundations and community partners align, it changes the way our world moves. Transitioning Porter Media Group into the PMG Agency has been extremely rewarding and purposeful. As a Black man, I’ve been personally impacted – emotionally and mentally – by the false narratives that have systemically plagued our community for decades. These false perceptions of African Americans, males in particular, has resulted in the untimely death of many, a loss of opportunities, and an education system that chooses to invest far less into children of color. To define people by their challenges is the diagnosis of stigmatizing them, or deficit-framing. As the Chief Visionary at the PMG Agency, we connect partners with their audience through comprehensive communication strategies and brand storytelling. This is where the magic begins. Read more>>

Zahria Spencer | Loaded Fits Founder & CEO

When I started Loaded, I wanted to create something that inspired or motivated its customers. Since I am a sophomore in college, I focused my audience on college students and teens like me, who all generally go through the same struggles. Some main struggles of college students specifically are the lack of motivation to continue school and financial instability. Wearing “LOADED” gives both a sense of style and motivation to become financially loaded one day. It helps us keep in mind what we’re sacrificing for and working hard for. Nevertheless , my business helps my local community of Prairie View University, my community back home in Atlanta, and the communities of students nationwide. Read more>>

EEEUREEKA | Creator/ Head Designer

I feel like I was a creator a soon as I touch foot on the earths grounds being a creator and once I started making products I wanted to start a skate team or sponsor some young talented artist . I was once that kid wanted to get sponsored by my favorite brands but never worked out.I love spreading messages threw my pieces because fashion speaks that’s when everyone pays attention to what’s going . I’ll soon put a program together for “CSNKC” Creators Shall Not Kill Creators will be a workshop for creators worldwide to learn about get all the information that they will need to start a small business. I feel like every creator need that because I really just started to take because of mistakes I made and not listening the first go round.EEEUREEKAHB will Teach,Feed ,clothe and love each creator. Read more>>

Alfred Crawl II | Brand Strategy & Design Professional

A brand has two sets of people to consider, the customer and the employee. The customer buys into a brand’s promise, and the employees should want to buy into the brand’s values. The messaging, designs, and visuals are all in service to the “promise and purpose”. This is where I come in, where business strategy and brand strategy meet, to work with the brand on defining the values they’re willing to stand behind and operate by. Then moving on to how those values relate to their customers and employees, and how to best communicate them. Ultimately, working towards great brands to shop with and great brand to work for. Company culture. Internal branding is as important as the external. They both hinge on founders’ values and relevance to the audience (customer and employee). Without proper groundwork, the marketing, the copywriting, the designs, and the websites are shallow, no matter how clever. But with the right groundwork and consistency, everyone flourishes. Read more>>

Rashida Zagon | Photographer & Creative Director Story Teller, Connector

Getting to know yourself is one of the most important things in life. Knowing myself has allowed me access to knowing my true power as I navigate this world. I think about superheroes for example- Every superhero has a superpower and they use it for good. Knowing your superpower allows you to tap into the things that make you super powerful which then leads you to fearlessly run after the things that scare you. Superheroes can be scared and even feel like they lost a battle but they’re still willing to try. Their power is not giving up and it all starts inside. As I grow and understand more about myself, I’ve learned that without me there is no me. Plain and simple. Anyone can believe in me but I must believe in myself first. If I don’t, then it’s impossible to even know my potential. For a long time, I wouldn’t celebrate my wins because I didn’t view them as wins. I saw them as just another step I took in life. Because of this I delayed tapping into my full potential because I was just unable to see it. Being a photographer has allowed me to tap into one of my superpowers. Read more>>

Paul and Betsy Priest | Teachers, Farmers, Market Coordinators, and Parents

We are #growingthegoodlife. As both school teachers, now farmers and market coordinators, Paul and I’s (our) purpose has always been to create a thriving life for ourselves but also to encourage others to flourish. In the classroom, we empower, love, build and learn from young minds. We tend and grow our garden, Shady Grove Farmstead so that we may feed and nourish ourselves and our community. And even now as market coordinators, our ultimate goal is to develop and support local business owners. And, as parents, we share and include all these experiences with our daughters. All of this in turn, feeds our souls and inspires us to continue to evolve and grow good food. Shady Grove is uniquely intimate, for us and our customers. And it is this intimacy that we believe creates quality: quality of life, quality of food, quality of relationships, and quality of time. By keeping our scale small and working mainly with pre-industrial hand tools, we get to enjoy the physicality of the work while tending to each row and the connection with the people we meet through the farm. Read more>>

Xena Stryiker | Architectural Designer

Xena Design + Marketing Firm plays a tremendous role in reversing the negative impacts of gentrification. We are always on board to create vibrant and thriving neighborhoods, while also diminishing community eye sores. However, our moralistic goal is to protect long-time community residents and businesses from displacement. We do our best to preserve the community’s history and culture. We don’t just design, we go out and meet the citizens residing in the areas that we are designing and/or renovating. Often times, citizens feel their voices are unheard. Many have a fear of being pushed out of their own communities – the communities that they built. We get to know the citizens that we’re designing for. We take pride in working with comprehensive developers to preserve the neighborhood’s characteristics and affordability. We are also very dedicated to charity and humanitarian work in the communities that we design. Read more>>

Troy Gaskins | Talk Show Host & Reality TV Star

As a Black talk show host and being apart of the LGBTQ community. My platform gives creatives of all genres a platform to promote their businesses and give my audience a chance to know who they are. It’s also a safe space for members of the LGBTQ community to have a voice as upcoming creatives as well. I want to be able elevate others in anyway I can. Read more>>

Kisha Renee Ward | CEO & Thought Leadership Marketing Strategist

My business focuses on starting and sustaining consulting businesses. We work with dynamic black executives and stand-out entrepreneurs to inspire marginalized and stagnant blacks in Corporate America through realistic versions of success. We encourage black professionals to share their message and movements with the world and thus become profitable thought leaders who launch online programs, write books, and create training programs for large corporate teams. Read more>>

Rachel Eisaman | The Homeowner’s Easy Button

One of my very best friends is an incredible woman with a million strengths. She is excelling in her career, is a dedicated mother, a loyal friend, an avid reader, a great cook, and also a single mother who finds herself a solo homeowner for the first time. She often comments how thankful she is to have me in her life to ask the questions that “seem silly” about all the house stuff. Of course I am happy to be there for all those questions! (They aren’t silly; they are important questions) Home ownership is the single largest investment most people will ever make. Spending the time and money to do the things that keep it in good shape are steps in protecting that investment. When cared for properly, owning your home is truly wealth building at its core. Home maintenance isn’t really talked about enough. It isn’t part of the common knowledge we received about life. When, how, and why to take care of your home are left up to the individual to work out. Read more>>

Daniel Wade | Daniel S. Wade | Travel & Life Insurance Agent, Entrepreneur

Working as a Travel Agent and Life insurance Agent, I believe impacts my guests, friends, and family in the most positive ways. On the travel side, providing an outlet to be free and create moments that last forever. On the life insurance side, protecting families and loved one’s peace of mind in these trying times. Read more>>

Mark Peterson | Founder & CEO of Ziscuit

According to October 2020 Census Bureau survey data, one in eight Americans say that they sometimes or often didn’t have enough food to eat. The Census Survey estimates that nearly 26 million American adults don’t have enough to eat daily, an increase several times greater than pre-pandemic levels. Ziscuit is a two-sided reverse auction marketplace platform that will save consumers time and money when grocery stores bid to fulfill their shopping lists. In addition to making grocery shopping more efficient, Ziscuit wants to stamp out hunger. Ziscuit rewards each shopper with Ziscuit dollars when they refer new users or when they complete a Ziscuit auction transaction. Shoppers can use Ziscuit dollars to buy groceries, pay for home delivery, or they can donate their Ziscuit dollars to local food pantries. Ziscuit, through its foundation, will donate one percent of its profit in the form of Ziscuit dollars to food pantries registered on the Ziscuit platform. Read more>>

Aisha DeBerry | DEI Consultant

We are a consultant firm that focuses on the areas of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. In our firm, it’s really to help guide, support, educate, and foster companies as well as individuals to be inclusive, to be innovative, to be empathetic, and to be intuitive. All of these are what we need in terms of making a shift to a positive culture, not only in the nation, but in the world. Our world and nation is ever-changing in terms of demographics, and we have to be prepared to meet that need for success, not only in business, but success in the community, as well. Read more>>

Kristy Love | Mindset Coach

My business helps my community by teaching individuals new techniques and strategies on how to reprogram their mindsets for success. By getting to the root of the problem where your limitations exist you can begin to do the mindset training you need in order to achieve your goals effortlessly. Read more>>