One of the most rewarding things about getting to know so many entrepreneurs is seeing first-hand how many of them are focused on so much more than just financial results. So many of the folks we connect with are focused on having a positive social impact on their community or the world at large. Check out some of these amazing folks below.

Jamesia Monroe | Kemetic Yoga Instructor & Motivational Holistic Health Coach

Kemunity Yoga is a Holistic Health Company on a mission to spread awareness about health disparities that are plaguing Black and Underserved Communities at a local, national, and international level. Kemunity Yoga takes a unique approach to address health issues by incorporating Kemetic Yoga (Ancient Egyptian Yoga) and Ancient Holistic Health Techniques that were once practiced in Ancient Egypt. The Ancient Egyptians lived by the precept, “Know Thyself” at all times, which in turn, allowed them to build pyramids that are still standing to this day. Read more>>

Laura Winkler | Wedding Venue Owner

I feel our business helps other businesses in our local community in several ways. When people book a wedding with us, they then typically go to a local baker for their cake; a local florist for their floral needs; a local caterer for the catering; and probably most helpful to the community is lodging. We try to send people to places other than hotels here so they get the full mountain experience and suggest they rent cabins in our community. Read more>>

Alice Hong | Violinist of Edgewood String Quartet

Edgewood String Quartet is the first of its kind in Georgia: a classical quartet that performs music from all genres in and outside of classical music halls. We started as the musicians of Fever’s Candlelight Concerts in Atlanta, and we’ve since begun branching out to various other spaces that have never had a string quartet perform inside of them. It’s a LOT of fun, and we’re also able to provide a space where audiences new to classical performances can enjoy their first experience without worrying about “rules.” At our concerts, you can clap whenever you’re excited about something, you can cheer during the fast stuff, and you can come up and talk to us after. Read more>>

Sara Williams Burgin | Community Resource Guide /Family Advocate

Through outreach and community engagement. Read more>>

LaToya Nicole Fletcher | Plus Size Model, Makeup Artist, and College Educator

As a Makeup Artist and a Published Plus Size Model, I owe all of my creativity for my professions and skill sets to God. God told me back in 2017 to create a non-profit component to my established Makeup Artistry Company called “Beauty Slays.” With Beauty Slays, I along with some other very anointed and talented creatives lend our talents and time to those afflicted with Breast Cancer, Heart Disease, and Lupus. Those 3-5 individuals that are selected winners during the awareness month celebrating their lives are blessed with a complimentary make over including Hairstyling, Fashion Styling, Makeup Artistry, and a Complimentary Photo Session. Read more>>

Lacrisha Holcomb | Writer, Multidisciplinary Artist, & Therapist

My business has impact by utilizing the power of culturally-relevant content for healing and humanizing the therapeutic process. I believe for too long, “therapy” has seemed inaccessible and lacked representation. There are still many barriers in the healthcare system that prevent people from engaging in counseling. By shifting mindsets about the healing process and providing enlightenment showcasing how we are all masterpieces striving to master peace on both sides of “the couch,” I have been able to reach people from expansive backgrounds. Storytelling is liberating. My impact is grounded in raising awareness that each of us is capable of reclaiming and rewriting our stories. Read more>>

Tany B | Marketing Manager & Mentor & Accountability Coach

I started a journal business to help educate woman who were looking to undergo plastic surgery. My thought process behind this was to ensure woman are educated. We see “the perfect body” online but don’t understand the risk or just go with the flow. With marketing in mind i knew I could make a difference and help other woman. The journal I created is titled “Secure The Bod”. Secure the Bod is a plastic surgery journal to help people prepare for a successful surgery. Read more>>

Karima Davis | Creator of Treasure You Inc & Founder of B.O.S.M. Inc

My original thought of launching a business was to create more resources and funding for programs in my nonprofit “Building Our Sisters Mentality Inc”. My organization advocates the growth and development of women and young girls dealing with everyday life challenges. Experiencing the negative effects of poverty,homelessness,domestic violence and witnessing substance abuse produced in me a passion for people.As the founder I encourages women and young girls especially in low income areas to focus on self-awareness such as mental and physical health, financial planning, entrepreneurship and the prevention of teen/ adult domestic violence and provides educational grants. Read more>>

Qiana Sweet | Naturopathic Herbalist & Future Herbal Esthetician

XO Tigerlily strives to be a platform that educates our community on all things holistic health and wellness. We aim to change the way people view skin care (especially as it relates to skin diseases and conditions), as well as how they view health. We offer a variety of skin care items and herbal remedies to help others maintain optimal wellness. Read more>>

LaTonya Duncan | Founder and CEO of 1 Heart

Through 1 Heart it is my hope to educate the community on the aspects of heart disease. I need for them to see the faces of this deadly disease because this is not a senior citizen thing this affects all of us from birth and up. Although a lot of us have developed this from hereditary, it is still something that we can control be that exercise, cooking and mental health. What 1 Heart does is, we just add fashion to ours just like the American Heart Association with Go Red which is where this who idea came from. The only difference is that we are educating the community that we live in and providing financial assistance right here at home. Read more>>