We asked folks to tell us about their favorite quote or affirmation and to tell us what it means to them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Alissa Marsh | Photographer & Videographer

My favorite quote I’ve heard lately is “I don’t chase, I attract, what’ belongs to me will simply find me.” And to me that means what’s meant for me will be for me. I am not going to force anything on myself that isn’t for me. Read more>>

Big Rez | Musical Artist & CEO of BGBN

“Be Great or Be Nothing” is a phrase I’ve been saying since 2013. It just reminds me to give 120 percent every time. You’re not gone always feel like giving it your all everyday, & that’s okay. You see, it’s when you don’t feel like doing something, & you push through it anyway, that’s when true change comes.. That phrase means “Keep going”.. regardless of how you feel, regardless of any obstacles you face..”Keep Going”… figure it out, take a breather if you need to, but “Keep going”. I molded BGBN behind that standard. Be Great or Be Nothing. Read more>>

Katina Cunningham | CEO & Founder

Success is who we become in the life process. I would like to think that for the time that we grace the earth that our lives will have meant more than just a big-ticket item. We all like nice things, however, true value lies in who we become in the life process. How resilient are you. Who did you impact on your way? What did it teach you? Who touched your life? Why. When we think of our total sum value…. and what value we added to others. Success is who you become on the journey and who you inspired along the way. Read more>>