We asked folks to tell us about their favorite quote or affirmation and to tell us what it means to them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Keith Elgin Douglas | Actor/Writer/Producer

“Thoughts Become Things” This quote is in the family of positive thinking: for me it means if I believe in my heart that anything is possible – it will come to be. It encourages me to be faithful, to be positive in my thoughts because those thoughts become action be it positive or negative. I thought about an idea for a horror short. It “became” a script, and it is now a short film: ” SE7EN DA7S” thoughts do become things. Read more>>

Jasmine Deane | CEO and Head Curator of the Good Life Charcuterie

I love the affirmation “ what’s meant for me will be for me. This affirmation is a beautiful and gentle reminder for me to not become overwhelmed with imposter syndrome or count myself out. It reminds me to stick to my vision in hone in my creative talents to make The Good Life Charcuterie what it is today! Read more>>

Karesha Byrd | CEO of PKWY Off Ponce formerly as Naturally Melanated LLC

My favorite affirmation I state to myself is “Everything happens for a reason and that reason aligns with my purpose. I am divinely aligned with God’s steps.” This affirmation means so much to me simply because of the simplicity in it. When I feel myself getting overwhelmed or feel a shift in my focus I recite this affirmation to bring me back in alignment. It helps me to relax and move forward with the objective at hand. Read more>>

Andry Del Mar Palacio | Tv & Radio Host – MC – Model – Lawyer

My favorite affirmation is Everything is Possible, means a lot for me, I adopted this as a daily affirmation and I truly believe that everything is possible, the future can be better than the present and I have the power to make it happen, I also believe in the divine power that is bigger than me can make big miracles into reality, Read more>>

Blanco TSG | Artist, Producer, Engineer, & Clothing brand owner

My favorite quote would have to be, “You have to go thru hardships in order to achieve.” For me this quote represents me and my brand. In oder for me to get ahead on my journey towards success. I’m going to run into a few tough obstacles buts it’s on me to stay focus and keep going. Read more>>

Coach Barnes | Leadership Development & Life Coach | Motivational Speaker & Published Author

You’ve got to learn to leave the table when love’s no longer being served. -Nina Simone This is by far my favorite quote. For generations women have me told it is their role as the more emotional in tune gender to make relationships work. That said, we have stay in many well passed their time. Speaking for myself, as a woman of color, I spent years either fighting to get a set at the table or fighting to keep my seat once I was there. That goes for both personally and professional. Read more>>

Jayanna Matthews | Small business owner

“Hustle and heart will set you apart.” There are so many businesses, big and small that people can buy their products from, but my JayShea family continue to support me. Repeat customers, to me, is one of the most humbling experiences as a small business owner. One of the things that I feel makes JayShea different is that customer service is more important to me than how many orders I fill. Read more>>

Laurie Berley | Customized Greeting Cards/Wall Art & Office Administrator & Mother & Photographer & Author

It comes from the Bible I’m the book of Philippians 4:13 that said, I can do all things [which He has called me to do] through Him who strengthens and empowers me [to fulfill His purpose.. this is from the amplified version. The meaning: I was created with a purpose in life, and have all that is needed for life inside of me. The strength and power that is within is enough to move ahead and become a woman that impacts others. Read more>>

Tery Wilson | Multi-Award Winning DP, Editor and Producer

“No matter what or who you love, ALWAYS LOVE YOU FIRST” This quote means a lot to me. It took a long time to understand what loving me felt like. By not having someone to look up to when I was younger, I didn’t know that I was the problem at times. I didn’t realize that I was so busy trying to fix things for everyone around me at the time, that I was neglecting myself. Not fixing what was actually wrong (me). Read more>>