We asked folks to tell us about their favorite quote or affirmation and to tell us what it means to them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Shellah Dunmore | Woman of God, Mother and Author

My favorite quote/affirmation is Ecclesiastics 3. “A time for everything., And a season for every activity under the heavens.” To me it is a daily reminder to Remember that there is a time for everything. There were so many times when I was Anxious about wanting something or there was a time where I was trying to rush to get somewhere and now if I get those feelings I think about Ecclesiastics 2. It helps me to remember to be at peace with what is happening. Read more>>

Aushailene Ragin | Singer-Songwriter, Musician, & Actress

My biggest fear as a child was that the world wound end before I had the chance to accomplish my dreams. I dreamed of becoming a famous singer and actress, and as a teen I wondered if these dreams would ever see the light of day. Especially with the ticking clock of life constantly at the forefront of my mind. Yet, when my High School best friend showed me the film Donnie Darko one night at a sleepover, my entire perspective changed. Read more>>

Saasha Demps | Founder and President of S.I.N.C.E 21 Women Empowerment Organization

“Same level, different path” I believe all women should feel comfortable to succeed in any environment regardless of race, size, or education level in a judgment-free zone. Everyone needs support that is genuine and not full of jealousy and hate. We have one thing in common, we are women looking to reach our full potential for the time we have on earth in peace. We have the same opportunity to reach our goals even though we are utilizing a different path. Read more>>

Chanchez (Chi) Smith | Business Owner & Mental Health Therapist

I have a few favorite affirmations that I try to repeat daily: “I am assertive. I am confident in everything that I do. I am divinely guided and protected by God, Jesus Christ and their army of angels. I am business savvy. I am financially stable.” They are a reminder of how much I have grown and will constantly grow. I love these affirmations and affirmations altogether because they represent how powerful our words and intentions are. Read more>>

Amber Diaz | Spiritually connected and Divinely Guided

My favorite quote would be, not to expect you out of other people. Meaning, don’t expect people to handle situations or respond to things the way you would. I’ve learned by doing so, there’s a lot less disappointment in life. Read more>>