If not giving up was always the right answer life would be so easy. History shows us that sometimes quitters prosper and sometimes they miss out. Knowing when to quit and when to keep going is one of the most difficult questions and so we asked folks we admire to tell us how they think through this question.

Marilen Crump | Business Developer and Marketing Strategist

I believe that every day brings new opportunities and from time to time, we need to consider our options. It’s not so much that you “give up” on a direction or an idea, but more about leaning into what makes sense. In business, there are times that what we offer may not be resonating with our audience and if that is the case, then a plan must be set to rectify that. Read more>>

Kidd Kong | Kidd Kong | Founder and Executive Director

Based on how bad you really want it. If you are doing it to just pay the bills then there is a stopping point, when thing things get hard. But if you’ve made it your lifelong goal and dream then there is no stopping and giving up. Read more>>

Jaren Turner | Photographer

I’ve personally dealt with this question or topic because I battled within myself on whether I should give up on photography or keep pushing. When you are comparing yourself to others and seeing how much success or recognition they are getting it can really discourage you and having you questioning yourself. “How are they doing this?” , or “ I wish my work looked like theirs”. Those are questions and statements that ran through my mind constantly cause I was always comparing myself to others. In a certain sense it can be positive to challenge you to get better, but in the other sense it can be a negative impact. Read more>>

Naima Muvamelt | Vogue Instructor/Teacher

You have to do some deep soul searching to truly know your place. I believe we all get discouraged from time to time but to give up means giving up on yourself and those who believe in you. So giving up should never be an option and always remember to keep pushing because the hard work will eventually always play off in the end. Read more>>