Do you have a favorite dialogue, lyric, quote or affirmation? Please share with us below.

Amanda Ellis | Professional Shopper & Fashion Reseller

I was raised to have solid morals. A quote my Mom often repeated, but always stood out, is that “You are only as good as your word”. Unfortunately, my Mom passed away suddenly almost a month ago to the day. Although she is no longer here with me physically, I know how extremely proud I made her, and she lives on through the work I do today. Read more>>

Tyrell Clarke | CEO & Founder, TRENDS Studios

I do have a favorite quote/scripture that I remind myself of regularly: “To whom much is given is required.” (Luke12:48) Keeping in mind that the gifts and skills that I possess are not just for me but for the greater good, it was only right that I came to the realization that allowing my own thoughts and doubts to consume me was prolonging the sharing of my abilities to those who was in need of them for their own purpose fulfillment. So, it was necessary that I got out of my own way and conquered the notion of Paralysis by Over Analysis. This concept highlights how one’s forward motion and decision-making can become “paralyzed” due to over analysis, or overthinking. What Paralysis by Over Analysis has shown me is the importance of not getting stuck in the thought process because that could lead to me never fully unlocking my highest potential. Read more>>

Layla K | Fashion Entrepreneur & Creative Marketing Strategist

I do have a favorite quote actually. “Adversity is the diamond dust Heaven polishes its jewels with” by Thomas Carlyle has always resonated with me as I have overcome a an immense amount of personal and professional adversity. Although this is true, I’ve come to understand that every obstacle and set back has always been a blessing or a lesson and all things come together perfectly in the end. Read more>>

Black Bobby | Entertainer & Activist

EB White once said that he “wakes up everyday determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time, which makes planning the day a bit difficult.” Every since I heard that quote I have purposely tried to live my life this way. I try to match my passions, interests and idealism with the actions I take, opportunities I pursue and people I am around. I like how the quote challenges me to live a full life and make an impact. Read more>>

Chanelle Harris | Vintage Curator

My favorite quote is “Everything happens for a reason” I am a firm believer that whatever happens on our life journey is supposed to happen and that no matter how difficult or easy the process is, there is always a reason for an experience. I may not know why at that moment but eventually, I am able to make a connection to why things happened the way they did. Remembering this quote motivates me to continue creating and learning how to manage my business without the fear of taking risks or failing. Read more>>

Lauren Younge | Mixed Media Artist and Painter

“I’m walking in my purpose and trusting my process” – my daily affirmation. This statement is comforting to say and write because it helps me remain focus on what I’m currently doing in life and where I’d like to be. I can use this statement in all aspects of my life. But I use it most in terms of my art career. I am a mixed media artist and painter located in St. Louis, MO. This season of COVID-19 has allowed me to see areas in my life that I’d like to change. I had painters block for over a year mainly due to the fact that I was sick of my art being in its hobby phase. In March, when everything essentially came to a hault in St. Louis, I was open to the idea of painting again due to my abundance of free time. Now, I am back to painting everyday, selling my artwork, working on commissions, and relaunching my website. Read more>>

Ant Oxley | OxFit CEO & Coach

Growing up with dreams of becoming a professional basketball player, one of my coaches gave me the Legendary UCLA Basketball Coach John Wooden’s book and one of my favorite quotes to this day is: “be more concerned with your character than with your reputation. Your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are”. When owning a business, having this quote on your wall, desktop or a sticky note somewhere around the office is essential. No matter what, even with the best intentions, you can’t always keep everyone happy and trying to do so would be a 24/7 job in itself. There will be times when customers or employees are unhappy with decisions you have made. There may also be times when people do not have nice things to say about you, or the company you have built. This is your reputation. Read more>>