Do you have a favorite dialogue, lyric, quote or affirmation? Please share with us below.

Kerry Ferber | Spiritual Guide | Soul Activator | Energy Healer

One of my favorite quotes is, “Trust the timing of your life”. This quote has always held special meaning in all aspects of my life including entrepreneurship, relationships, opportunities, and more. This is a powerful reminder to trust the timing and unfolding of experiences / adventures / moments in each aspect of our lives. Reading this quote leaves me with a sense of knowing that if I consistently lead from my heart, live in integrity, and lean into trust, the magic will simply unfold before me. Read more>>

William Christopher Scandrett` | Author, Environmentalist, and DEIB Advocate

My favorite quote or phrase is “Do it Scared”. I, like most people, have severe anxiety at times, especially when it comes to doing or promoting my business. This might be contributed to my consistent worrying about people’s opinions of my work and my questioning if what I do is of value. In most cases, I walk into the room afraid and nervous, but I always challenge myself to push through and allow myself to grow outside of my comfort zone. Read more>>

La’Kendria Fields | Licensed Esthetician/ Owner of Own You Artistry & Skin

Yes! “”Fear is false evidence appearing to be real”. This quote has changed my perspective of life and the challenges that we face everyday. Fear leads to worrying which tends to leads to ” unnecessary what if’s” and before you know it we’re crawling back into our shell. It’s a human emotion but ask yourself was there a potential threat or were you in imminent danger at the time that you felt this? The answer will most likely be no. I love this quote because it allows me to stay in the present. Read more>>

Ayana Nelson | Serial Entrepreneur & Event Space Owner

“Faith without work is dead” is my favorite quote and has helped me on my journey to success. You can have faith and pray all day for success,but you must be hungry and put the work in in order to see the results that you want out of life. Read more>>

Nate The Great | Recording Artist & Producer

Life can’t hold you down if you’re living happy. What it means to me is through all the obstacles and tribulations you face in your life, you have that one outlet and that circle of people that you hold dear is what keeps you going strong and remain positive. As long as you keep a genuine set of close ones around you and you have a passion that you crave and love so deeply, your optimism will build your determination and grit. Read more>>

Michelle Skalka | Owner & Head Chef

I saw this quote a long time ago, before I started cooking professionally, and it completely spoke to me – I wished I had thought of it first: “Love People. Cook Them Tasty Food”. (It’s the Penzeys Spice slogan.) So simple, so true. It sums up how I cooked in my pre-professional life and how I cook now. I’ve always been the person to bring the food, plan the meal, pick the restaurant. I love the way food can bring people together – sitting around the table simply sharing the events of the day, marking life’s successes and sorrows, exploring the flavors of the world and celebrating milestones. Read more>>

Myochi & Renee’ | The 40 Spot Podcast

“If it cost you your peace it’s too expensive.” This quote resonates with us so much because when you reach your 40s you tend to have a different outlook on life. Our experiences over the years have taught us the importance of peace in every area. And when we speak to others in our age group we often hear the same sentiment. 40 is truly the age that many begin prioritizing themselves and their joy. Read more>>