Do you have a favorite dialogue, lyric, quote or affirmation? Please share with us below.

Brenda DuBois | Fashion Designer

My favorite affirmation at the moment, and for the past three years, would have to be “everything will go smoothly as long as my interest comes first”. I’ve applied this mainly to the way I value time and situations that present themselves to me. Coming out of high school, I decided that as long as I got my degree I didn’t care about high grades or friends. Initially I thought this was the reason my life became so much more enjoyable; when in reality everything was enjoyable because I put what I wanted first, then made time for everything else; made myself THE priority and all time, as a whole, my free time. Read more>>

autumn stephens | Actor, Singer, Dancer and Teaching Artist

A quite that has stuck with me since I’ve seen it is “You don’t need a backup plan, you need a current plan.” I saw this as a tweet by an artist on Twitter (Tyce Green). Since seeing that quote, I’ve applied it to my life as an artist and the mindset of making a living as an artist. I think many people have the idea of asking me what my backup plan is in case it “doesn’t work out”. But to me, that mindset is already setup for failure. With my current plan, I believe that I will make it happen no matter how long it takes and as long as I remain determined. Read more>>

Bernard Fogg | Brand Ambassador, Cancer Survivor, Philanthropist, and Financial Literacy Consultant

My favorite affirmation for 2021 going into a busy 2022 is “Everything is Intentional!” I say this to myself every day to mold my mindset to understand that even if something unexpected or just bad happens, that I keep pushing forward with a positive outlook. It means the world to me because once you apply it things you do, especially for your business & consumers, you have to remember what you do for your audience has to be intentional. Every post, color, caption and even timing has a purpose, the true art of alignment. Read more>>

Alexis A. McCoy Gonzalez | Film & Theater Producer

My favorite motto or quote is “Entertain to change the world” by me. I created the quote as a motto for my company. I would always say if entertaining is my passion and changing the world is my goal why not entertain to change the world. This quote means so much to me because keeps me creating content that will have an impact on the world. Everything that I create as an artist I do to help change the world around me. Read more>>