Do you have a favorite dialogue, lyric, quote or affirmation?  Please share with us below.

Pouring Emotions | Abstract Art by Janai Rodriguez

Favorite quote/affirmation would probably have to be: “Everything in due time”…For me, it just allows you to be…be right where you are. Allowing the cards to fall where they may. Understanding everything that IS for you, will be for YOU…it may not happen when you want it, but it will happen…and sometimes, some thing NOT happening is still a form of “everything in due time”. Read more>>

Candyss Weaver | Career Coach

My favorite quote is by Nido Qubein – “Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.” I love this quote because it almost instantly creates a mindset shift any time I see it, hear it, or say it. Too often we see all the obstacles associated with our present circumstances rather than fixing our gaze on the opportunities. It’s a reminder that our possibilities are as endless as we believe them to be. We may need to get creative with how we proceed, but rather than carrying the weight of our past and present on our backs, we should use them as stepping stones to continue onward and upward. Read more>>

Bianca Adams | Healthcare Revenue Specialist

Favorite Quote: Work Smarter Not Harder It means to be as efficient as possible. There is always a simpler, more efficient way to get the job done. I like this affirmation because it reminds me to think outside the box and it makes me stretch my thinking, creativity and limits. Read more>>

Rhonda Caldwell | Master Life Coach Rhonda

My favorite qoute is. In a world full of BLACK UMBRELLAS YOU BE A RED ONE. That means alot to me. Everyday that I wake up I look in the mirror and tell myself I’m the red umbrella. I was born to stand out and not fit in. It reminds me of GOD’S creation of me. He designed me to stand out because of the assignment for my life. If I fit in with the others in this world, how would the people that needs me find me. I don’t fit in because my way of thinking supersedes the average. I don’t fit in because I’m a leader and is mandated to set the example for others on this Life Coach journey. Read more>>

Shonteria Brooks | Licensed Cosmetologist/Salon Suite Owner of HairJunkie Beautique

“Take care of those whom take care of you” I, wholeheartedly believe this and stand on it! To me, this means executing the plan. Work that speaks for itself. Give what you want to receive in return! “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” Providing a service gives me pure satisfaction that I’ve delivered in all aspects I’m capable and the smile on my clients/customers faces once I turn them around into the mirror will confirm I’ve completed the mission! Read more>>