The Decision Makers Series is one of our staff’s favorite because decision making is a topic that so many of us have studied deeply.

malcolm turpin | graffiti mural artist & instructor

While developing as a business owner, is it important to understand that your mind has to be in sync with your goals. Shifting my thought process to align with my goals was a necessary change & a humbling choice to make. It was humbling to know that making such a decision to step into the mind of a successful business owner would open my eyes to understanding that there is much time & significant effort needed for entrepreneurship. Allowing my personal wants & needs to take a back seat to my development as a business owner has opened doors for new lessons & unexpected opportunities. Read more>>

Jazmine Burchfield | Store Owner, Life Insurance Agent, Bartender

The most important decision that contributed to my success outside of the joy of working for myself was that I would be in control of not just my future, but also my two daughters. I always thought that if I can create a successful business or two, I would be able to leave generational wealth for my family and also be an inspiration for them to do whatever they put their minds to. Read more>>

Haley Brown | Instagram Influencer

How I measure success may vary from how others measure success because I haven’t reached many of my goals yet. I have much more to accomplish and goals I plan to reach before I see myself as a successful influencer. A decision I made recently to contribute to my success is to continue to work part-time. My boyfriend works full-time and is attending graduate school, while I work part-time to pursue my dreams. Working full-time may not allow me to achieve the same goals with the number of hours outside of the workplace. I know many influencers who have worked full-time and achieved their goals. However, I don’t see this as the path for me. My boyfriend is very supportive of my dreams and works with me to help accomplish them. I plan to continue growing and fulfill my lifetime hopes. Read more>> 

Yolanda Wright | Writer, Public Speaker, Community Advocate

The single most important decision I’ve made that contributed to my success was not to allow my past to be an obstacle to my future. For example, as a parent, I can look back and identify mistakes I made in the past. But I decided not to allow guilt from those experiences to hold me back. For example, I was not a perfect parent, and my son was not the ideal child. We had our share of difficulties, and it is, in fact, these experiences that helped me understand the struggle of families. I have been there and understand that parents need support. They don’t have all the answers and often don’t know what resources are out there to help them. Read more>>

Jay Marsh | DAZ3D Published Artist (3D content) and Painter

Joining a large community centered around what I love to do. A community that included beginners and experts. Read more>>