The Decision Makers Series is one of our staff’s favorite because decision making is a topic that so many of us have studied deeply.

Shamika King | Fitness & Health Coach

The single most important decision that I made to contribute to my success is starting my journey to living a healthy lifestyle mentally, physically, spiritually. Creating a better version of myself has given me a opportunity to help inspire, encourage and motivate others to start a healthy life journey of their own. Read more>>

Wanda Lloyd | Wellness Practitioner & Survivor

The most important decision I made was to make Wandaful Herbs image different from the usual vitamin herb establishment. I wanted people to enjoy living a healthy life using plant-based supplements, vitamins, minerals, and herbs. When visiting our store the atmosphere is inviting and serene, almost like a spa. A big part of my survival was changing the environment around me by going to places and doing things that felt uplifting and comfortable. Giving that same feeling back to every customer that walks into Wandaful Herbs, is successful day for us. Encouraging every customer to focus on the light at the end of the tunnel and providing a space where they can do that was the decision from the start. Read more>>

Mary Ann McCoy | B&B Innkeeper and English language Teacher

I think it was my desire to meet people and learn about them that helped me find what I love doing and that is being with people through tourism. I’ve been living in northeastern Italy for many years and when I arrived I noticed how few English language schools were in the area and how very expensive they were. This gave me the idea to teach English, my native language, and the English and American cultures. I started out by visiting the towns and villages nearby and talking to the city Mayors and other representatives. My aim was to learn about what was needed in the area as far as English language learning because at the time the borders towards the East were opening up fast and the need for English as an international language was important. I opened a language school with the sponsorship of one of the main rural communities where furniture factories were working well. Read more>>