The Decision Makers Series is one of our staff’s favorite because decision making is a topic that so many of us have studied deeply.

Thea & David DuBose | Owners. Thea Photographer. David Studio Manager

Hands down I feel that when David quit his job in the logistics industry and came in as the studio manager our whole business changed for the better! He brought something to the table that was lacking before. His background in sales made it a seamless transition. As you can imagine it’s very hard to be a one person show and not get burned out or even just find the time to respond to emails, texts, voicemails and schedule new sessions. Read more>>

Georgia Nubia | Poet, Photographer, Published Author, Creative

Leaving my hometown. In my experience, you really need to leave your hometown to find who you really are outside of your family and childhood friends. Moving isn’t for everyone however I think it’s essential because it provides a different growth Read more>>

Jenna Duncan | Speaker, Coach and Nurse

I didn’t set out to work for myself if I’m completely honest. My goal was to stop failing in my relationships and to win back the boy I considered the love of my life. This last breakup forced me to look at why my relationships were failing. I quickly discerned, after hearing that still small voice question me, that the common factor in all of my relationships was me. Read more>>

Katie Grugin | Artist and Graduate Student

The single most important decision I have made for my art and myself that was to say yes to a close friend when she reached and asked if I would illustrate the cover of a book of poetry. I was getting out of the military after an injury, I was devastated and dealing with major life transitions, and it would have been so easy to say no and that I had too much going on. Instead I said yes, and suddenly I had something new to take the place of what I was losing, and I discovered an outlet I did not know I had available to me. Read more>>

RicXh Rubato | D.J., M.C., & Producer

I would say my most important decision other than to start my business has been the consistent decision to learn modify and grow in my industry. I can’t remain stagnant and I can’t think that I know my customer better than my customer or client knows themself. Read more>>

Shaquin Thomas | Chef

Being successful means making the decision to be consistent and not give up. Sometimes entrepreneurs have the luxury of having a 9-5 job so if their business doesn’t work out, they quit and move on to the next thing. I have 3 kids and I was unemployed so making the decision to not give up was my only option. Read more>>